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Broadening My Horizons Follow-up.

So, I read Green Lantern:Rebirth. (The Hal Jordan return, not Rebirth GL.) I never thought I would like GL. I always found his powers slightly boring. But I loved it, and I have SO MANY QUESTIONS.

But for now I'll just ask for more GL suggestions, and is there a Yellow Lanterns series? Basically, I want to know more about Lanterns Series. Help?
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Comixology sale: DC on TV

Yeah, I missed a few. I hope you're all paying attention yourselves now. There's some gems in here.


DC on TV Sale! - Comics by comiXology
DC on TV Sale! - Comics by comiXology @comixology
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Suicide Squad #50

Suicide Squad vol 5 came to the end I have enjoyed read every issue this is my first Suicide Squad arc. My favorite of Squad member is Killer Croc and Enchantress reason why those two have romantic interest June love him believe think he a monster but to her doesn't see him as monster. I hope in time when the New Suicide Squad come in the future until then.

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Final Crisis

So, I finished reading Final Crisis event last month and as a Darkseid fan I thoroughly enjoyed it.

But it begs the question, why is Final Crisis so convoluted? It's like everything got mixed up as time and space got distorted by Darkseid. Did Grant Morrison did that intentionally?

Also I understood that the Overmonitor created the monitors and the anti monitors. But why there is one anti monitor compared to so many monitors?

The one thing Final Crisis did well was to establish the notion that Darkseid as the "idea of evil". Considering the way his influence corrupted many even making a monitor turn into Mandrak.
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21 Questions Round Kisu

Nothing fancy,21 questions to guess the character.
Let's the games begin hazzah!
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The Yin to Batman's Yang

So, I have heard many people say that they liked the Joker better before he became "the," Batman villain. While I disagree, I can totally understand this. But last night I was thinking. If you don't like the Joker, who do you think should be Batman's main villain? Do it for other heroes as well?

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Hi there, I’m about to announce something completely irrelevant....

To your lives ( also feel free to walk away cause this is not important. )

I recently got a kitten ( Jet Black, Female)
I was stuck on a name for so long... and then it hit me what’s one of my favourite TV shows? ( Legends of Tomorrow) what’s one of the best names on the show? ( Zari ) who turned into a Cat? ( Zari! )

So Zari it is ..
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Wheel... of... Knowledge! 21 Questions

Step right up, step right up! I'm your host! It's time for another one 21 Questions with none other than...

Rules are simple, ladies and gents. You try to ask a few questions and deduce the character running rampant in my brain. But there's a catch!- you only got twenty-one. You guess it before you run out and you win. But if you can't figure it out before you run out, the marbles are mine. Capishe?

Make sure you all play nice! No bribing Scav (not that you'd take it anyway, right?)! Make sure you use the accepted format. Now last, but certainly not least, make sure to have fun! Wouldn't want you going around giving me a bad rep, now would we?
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I'm new to the DCU FANDOM

I only know a little bit about DC from my friend but I've always wondered who is the strongest Superman I heard it's ca Superman
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Movies in Comics (2001 posts!!)

So one of the reasons I have not been that active on here is that my interests have shifted from comics...to movies. I was curious if there are any good comics that talk about movies or have “movies” as a strong theme in the story.

Probably the best example I can think of would be the “Film Freak” storyline in Will Pfeifer’s Catwoman run, that was pretty good.

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A glitch

I'm having trouble viewing the wiki's images, does anyone else have this problem?

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Guideline Clarification.

We aren't allowed to discuss pieces by DC authors that aren't published by DC, are we? For example, Neil Gaiman wrote the very popular Sandman series, which was published by DC. We are allowed to discuss that. But we aren't allowed to discuss his other series, American Gods, because it's published by Dark Horse, correct?
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(SPOILER!!!) Jon is....17?


I haven't been following Superman or his associated series very closely, but I'm sure that this will be of interest to those who have.

My biggest question is, how will this affect Damian?
Jonathan Kent, Superboy, is Now 17 Years Old...
Jonathan Kent, Superboy, is Now 17 Years Old... Bleeding Cool News And Rumors
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Multiverse Essay #♾. Perpetua.

Relic. Krona. Flashpoint. The Source Wall. If you don’t know who or what they are, this may not be the post for you. If you do you can scan down the post to my question.


At the end of “Godhead” the Source Wall was cracked open after Black Hand released the SW Titans. [ N-52 GL Ann #3] Later the hole in the SW is fixed by ‘plugging it’ with Black Hand. [GL Vol 5 #46]

In the meantime, the GLC - lead by John Stewart - find themself transported through the crack in the SW to the last days of the Multiverse that preceeded PE. [GL: Lost Army #1-6] They meet a much younger Relic before he crosses multiverses and, strangely enough, the GLC find themselves travelling with a young Maltusian scientist named Krona!

Ten years ago, in NE’s Trinity Vol 1 (30-50) series, it is revealed that a sentient being (who unfortunately appears to be a bit of a hippy) gives birth to each universe -- a Worldsoul.


The Point?

This ‘Worldsoul’ cosmology appears to be continuing with the return of Perpetua in recent JL and YJ, as each series promises to reveal more about the history of the PE Multiverse.

My Question?

As Relic and a young Krona crossed over almost identically to both NE and PE Multiverses,

Was the Multiverse that preceeded NE the same as the Multiverse that preceeded PE? Or did Flashpoint change the preceeding Multiverse as well?

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Series you can't get into

We all know DC has several sub franchises based on their characters. Like for instance - Wonder woman is based on old greek mythology and Amazon female warrior legends, Batman is a crime thriller, Superman is about an advanced alien race, Green Lantern a space opera and the list goes on.

As amazing it sounds, there are certain sub franchises of DC we find it hard or can't get into. It's completely natural considering you can't like every superhero DC publishes.

So what is the superhero or the genre you can't get into? And why?

PS - Personally, for me it's the Bat family. I mean I already feel pretty overwhelmed by tons of Batman related content and so I have literally zero interest reading about the individual members of the bat family.
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Broadening My Horizons.

So, I've been reading DC comics for about a year and a half now, and primarily I've read comics involving Batman and Constantine. But I want to broaden my horizons. Anyone got any good series to recommend? I primarily read Rebirth comics, but I'm open to anything.

Note: the most recent 21 Questions has made me realize that I am not at all knowledgeable, so I also need things to help teach me.
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Teen Titans 2011- 2014 (New52)

Why is this comic bad? Or if you think it's good why do you like it?

I've been asking and searching for opinions about this comic today, because I started reading the first issues, and there are a few people that like it, and a bunch of others that literally hate it.

Hate is a big word, but it's the "reviews" I have been reading the most.

Of course it's not as good as other Teen Titans runs, but I think, this is a decent run. But as I said, I started reading it today, and I've read until the issue #7.

I have to say that the art on this comic is a "meh" I liked the colouring, and all the other things except the faces, the faces could've been much better done. Also the "techno-suits" looks really cool to me...

I started reading this T. Titans run because Cassie Sandsmark, one, if not the one, of my favourite female characters. And the things I read involving her are well.

Well after all this, explaining my own thoughts, I want to know your thoughts and if it could be, without spoiling to much
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DC Comics top tens Romances.

1. Batman and Catwoman

2. Superman and Lois Lane

3.Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor

4. Aquaman and Mera

5. Green Arrow and Black Canary

6. Killer Croc and Enchantress

7. The Flash and Iris West

8. Wally West and Artemis

9.Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris

10. Nightwing and Starfire

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Best stories of the Amazonians?

Yep, I always been very interested on those awesome womans, not just because the beauty on their. Also, becouse of what they represent and the cool story on the background.

But, I've never read a lot of them, and I have to say that they are my favourites female characters.

Going through order, these are pretty much my favourite female characters: Cassie Sandsmark (I know she's not an Amazonian), Wonder Woman, Artemis and Donna.

I've read stories about all of them but never solo stories or other stories that focuses on their more. I've read Titans runs for Donna and Cassie, some Justice League for Wonder Woman and RHATO for Artemis.

But as said, I never went deeply on the personality or on their full story of any of them. Always with teams.

So yeah, this is pretty much a post to have some recommendations to go deeply on the character of each of them.

I appreciate all the help and recommendations.

* I apologize for the typos I could've made, but English is not my main language.
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