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1915 saw the births of three of DC Comics most prolific creators. Artist Bob Kane would later go on to co-create the character of Batman, along with writer Bill Finger. Martin Nodell will create the original Green Lantern (Alan Scott) and Robert Kanigher will develop many of DC's war-era comic series, creating notable characters such as Sgt. Rock, Easy Company, Hunter's Hellcats and the Haunted Tank.


The following creative talent are known to have been born in 1915:


The following comic titles debuted with a 1915 cover date:

  • No comics debuted in 1915.

The following Comic titles were last published with a 1915 cover date:

  • No comics were cancelled in 1915.

The following One Shots were published with a 1915 cover date:

  • No One Shots were published in 1915.


The following characters debuted with a 1915 cover date:

  • No characters debuted in 1915.

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