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1959 showed progressive and steady growth for DC Comics during the Silver Age era. If any single event in 1959 proved more important than the introduction of the Legion of Super-Heroes in 1958, it was the introduction of Superman's teenage cousin Supergirl. Supergirl debuted in Action Comics #252, and soon began making regular appearances in Action Comics and later Adventure Comics. Like the Legion, Supergirl's popularity continued to grow until she was finally granted her own title in 1972.


The following creative talent are known to have been born in 1959:

The following creative talent passed away in the year 1959:


The following comic titles debuted with a 1959 cover date:

The following Comic titles were last published with a 1959 cover date:

The following One Shots were published with a 1959 cover date:

  • No One Shots were published in 1959.


The following characters debuted with a 1959 cover date:


The following teams debuted with a 1959 cover date:

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