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The 30th Century is a period of time spanning exactly one-hundred years from the year 2901-3000.


The 30th Century is a period of time spanning exactly one-hundred years from the year 2901-3000.


The 30th Century is primarily identified as the height of the galactic federation known as the United Planets. The United Planets was a coalition of worlds that encompassed hundreds of planets within the Milky Way Galaxy and even a few outside the known galaxy. The 30th Century is also the time of the original Legion of Super-Heroes. Following the events of Zero Hour, time was rewritten and the original 30th Century lore was restructured.

New Earth

In the Post-Zero Hour environment, the Legion of Super-Heroes did not become an active team until the 31st Century, though nearly all of them were born in the 30th century.


  • While time is known to be fluid, it has always been understood that the Pre-Zero Hour 30th Century was the definitive future reality of Earth-One.[original research?] This was confirmed during the Crisis on Infinite Earths.
  • During Infinite Crisis, an interregnum reality was created dubbed Earth-247. Earth-247 reflected the time era of the original 30th Century Legion of Super-Heroes. This reality, along with all of the others created by Alexander Luthor, ceased to exist at the end of Infinite Crisis. Presumably, the 247 designation is a reference to Adventure Comics #247 - the first appearance of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

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