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"Just Imagine": Day 1:

Quote1 Hello, room service? Send up a plot and three pages of dialogue right away! The weekly grind is tearin' me apart! Fifty-two!! Quote2
-- Ambush Bug

Appearing in "Just Imagine"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:



Synopsis for "Just Imagine"

Day 1:
Oliver Queen, while talking to the press about his mayoral candidacy in Star City, receives a call on his Justice League communicator from Firestorm, who asks him to join the latest version of the Justice League. The new team includes Super-Chief, Bulleteer, Firehawk, and Ambush Bug. Queen declines.

Day 2:
In the Justice League's one-time headquarters in Happy Harbor, Rhode Island, the Martian Manhunter reflects on his success in destroying Checkmate through his infiltration of the government under various aliases. Meanwhile, he sculpts a memorial to fallen Justice League members.

Day 3:
Black Adam, Isis, and Osiris speak with members of the Great Ten in China, informing them of Kahndaq's decision to alter its alliance with their country. August General in Iron is angered and blames Adam's change of heart on Isis.

Day 6:
In Metropolis, the new Justice League enters its first battle, fighting pirates and cyborgs. To their surprise, they are joined by dozens of new heroes, created by Lex Luthor's Everyman Project. Skeets appears and incinerates many of the heroes, including Super-Chief, with powerful ray beams. As he dies, Super-Chief briefly enters a paradise, where the Manitou Stone is taken by Flying Stag and given to Ralph Dibny.

Day 7:
The Martian Manhunter, in his guise as the Secretary of State, learns of Checkmate's recertification as a United Nations agency.

In Belle Reve Federal Prison, Amanda Waller appears to be creating a new Suicide Squad with Atom-Smasher at the helm. Atom-Smasher sits a table covered with photographs of various villains. He is told to select his team...

Appearing in "The Origin of Booster Gold"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

Other Characters:


Synopsis for "The Origin of Booster Gold"

The origin of Booster Gold is revealed.


  • This issue shipped on October 18th, 2006.
  • On story page 12, top left panel, there is a character who looks a lot like Nightwing... it is not clear who, exactly, that might be.
  • The two-page origin story in this issue states that Skeets "possesses no combat capabilities." However, this information is attributed to the "Justice League Archives," which would explain the discrepancy between the description of Skeets and his very combative capabilities in the main story. Editor Michael Siglain, on, explained it thusly: "When Skeets was created, he did not have any combat capabilities, but he was created with independent thought, meaning that he could have upgraded himself... and obviously did."
  • Beyond those who are identified by name, there are at least another dozen Everyman Project subjects in this issue. Some are seen for the first time only as they are being killed, while others are seen in the background and apparently survive Skeets's attack.


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