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"Beyond the Black Stump": Day 2

Quote1 I've always felt that people should take responsibility for their actions... Quote2
-- Batwoman (Kathy Kane)

Appearing in "Beyond the Black Stump"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:





Synopsis for "Beyond the Black Stump"

Day 2
Renée and the Question are back in Gotham attempting to contact Batwoman and warn her about Intergang's plans for her. Batwoman arrives and sees what Intergang has planned for her.

In Australia, Red Tornado (sans his body) helps out locals from being taken away, but is severely destroyed with only his head remaining.

In outer space, Lobo, Animal Man, Starfire, and Adam Strange flee from Ekron who is attempting to get his "eye" back.

Day 4
Lobo and company continue to flee and hide inside an asteroid belt.

Day 5
Batwoman attacks Intergang and Mannheim attempts to make the prophecy in the Crime Bible come true, but Renée and the Question prevent it. Mannheim escapes.

Day 7
In the asteroid belt, Lobo and company makes plans to stop Ekron from destroying them. Starfire discovers that a Green Lantern is inside the Head of Ekron and that Lobo took its primary source of power. The Green Lantern also reveals the Stygian Passover that is coming to our galaxy. Starfire, Adam Strange, and Animal Man all decide to attempt to stop it before it reaches earth.

Appearing in "The Origin of Catman"

Featured Characters:


Synopsis for "The Origin of Catman"

A brief history of Catman before joining with Secret Six


  • This issue shipped on November 15th, 2006.
  • Secret Origins this issue is of Catman.
  • Ridge Ferrick in Australia is also the same company that Intergang owns in Gotham City.


  • The ticker-tape on the bottom of the cover reads, "Android gone Walkabout... Batwoman returns..."

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