"Dark Knight Down": Day 1

Quote1 It's over. Batman is gone. Quote2
-- Bruce Wayne

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Synopsis for "Dark Knight Down"

Day 1
Nightwing and Robin investigate a shipment of weapons that is being sent to Gotham City.

Elsewhere in Gotham, Renée Montoya continues to monitor the Question as he lays dying in Kate's house. Kate has offered her home to them as long as they need it. Kate goes out as Batwoman while Renée sits and watches over the Question.

Nightwing and Robin beat up the thugs shipping guns to Gotham and attempt to get some answers, but get none as they all commit suicide.

Day 3
In the desert, Bruce Wayne attempts to purge all the darkness that is within his body. The Ten-Eyed Brothers purge him of all the darkness and Batman is gone.

Day 7
Batwoman continues to try and find Mannheim and is attacked once again by the man-beasts. Nightwing comes in to lend a hand. Nightwing agrees to help her find Mannheim.

Appearing in "The Origin of the Metal Men"

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Synopsis for "The Origin of the Metal Men"

The modernized canonical origin of the Metal Men is revealed in this story. Insight is also provided as to the mechanics of Will Magnus' Responsometer technology.


  • This issue shipped on November 29th, 2006 (January, 2007 by indicia).


  • The ticker-tape at the bottom of the cover reads, "Death of the Batman!... Gotham Beast Wars continue!... I've got my eyes on you!..."
  • The title for this issue is taken from the 2001 film, Black Hawk Down.
  • The Cult of the Ten-Eyed Brothers is based upon a Pre-Crisis character known as the Ten-Eyed Man. The Ten-Eyed Man fought both Batman and Man-Bat before meeting his final fate during the Crisis on Infinite Earths.

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