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"Going Down": Day 1:

Quote1 I've convinced myself that sneaking out the servants' entrance is a good idea when I hear her voice... by which time it's far too late for me to do anything except stare. Quote2
-- Renée Montoya

Appearing in "Going Down"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:



  • None


Synopsis for "Going Down"

Day 1:
Adam Strange continues his attempt to fix a Thanagarian warship in order to get himself and his stranded comrades home... however, Animal Man and Starfire are acting lethargic towards the effort. When Adam realizes that the fruits they have been eating have been altering their minds, he has a confrontation with Starfire. She leaves in order to clear her head.

Day 2:
Renée Montoya sits at home, trying to figure out the mystery behind the warehouse on Kane Street. It finally dawns on her where she can get that information when she sees a headline about a Kane family charity gala.

Day 3:
Ralph Dibny pays Booster Gold a visit to ask for help in investigating the Cult of Connor. Booster, as usual, is self-absorbed. The two get into a confrontation. Ralph accuses Booster of selfishness. Booster defends himself. A loud "boom" in the distance interrupts their argument.

Renée pays a visit to the Kane home and asks Katherine Kane for information on the warehouse. Sparks fly -- we learn that Renée and Katherine were once a serious couple, but have not spoken for years. Katherine is angry but eventually relinquishes and tells Renée she will help.

Booster puts out a fire in Metropolis after an explosion. Lois Lane, on the scene, is beginning to interview Booster when Manthrax shows up and exposes Booster's fraudulent super-heroing. Ralph Dibny shares his disgust with the news cameras, giving Booster no chance to explain.

Back on the alien world, Starfire is flying around and comes across a power source that Adam had detected... it apparently belongs to Devilance the Pursuer.

Appearing in "The History of the DCU (Part VI of X)"

Featured Characters:


The following characters appear in flashbacks

Other Characters:

The following characters appear in flashbacks



Synopsis for "The History of the DCU (Part VI of X)"

Donna Troy bears witness to the events of Zero Hour, among them:


  • This issue shipped on June 26th, 2006.
  • This issue is reprinted in the 52, Volume 1 trade paperback collection.
  • This issue features the first appearance of Katharine Kane (Post-Crisis), who will later appear at the new Batwoman.
  • Devilance the Pursuer first appeared in Forever People #11.
  • The Flash mentioned in the backup story is misidentified as Barry Allen.


  • The ticker-tape at the bottom of the cover reads, "... Citizen Kane! ... Booster's Blunder ... An old flame for Montoya!"

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