Quote1 Besides, if there's something here that can be of use to your and your little friend, who am I to stand in your way? Quote2
-- Ma Hunkel src

Very little is known about Abigail Hunkel's early life. She was a surprisingly strong woman. At some point in the 1970's, Abigail decided to help clean up her neighborhood and assumed the guise of the "Red Tornado". Her costume, along with how she was built, convinced people that the mysterious Red Tornado was in fact a man. Which helped to keep Abigail's identity a secret. Abigail Hunkel's identity was however, eventually discovered by Checkmate. They framed Abigail and had her arrested by the police, along with several other masked mystery men. Much like the others, Abigail Hunkel tried to take the blame and exonerate the others. Due to evidence of jury tampering, missing witnesses and a lack of evidence, Abigail was eventually released from custody.

Abigail Hunkel Smallville 002

Ma Hunkel as she appeared in Season 11

After many years, Abigail is still alive and helped Superman and Impulse to find The Flash.

Some months later, Abigail, still acting as the caretaker of the JSA brownstone, received a visitor in the form of Lex Luthor, who tried to make her give him Alan Scott's green lantern battery so he could study it. Unimpressed by Lex and not intimidated by his veiled threats, Abigail stared the man down, even threatening to call Ted Grant to knock some sense into him. In the end, Lex returned to his office without the lantern and more than a little scared of the old woman.

  • Abigail Hunkel was portrayed by Deborah Cole.
  • It was the first live-action appearance of Abigail.



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