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Ace Android

Official Name
Ace Android

Lead Designer


Place of Creation

Place of Destruction
Wherever it shows up

Originally man-size, later models were up to twice the height of an average person

Current Owner

Quote1 If you drag me here every time there's a new version of their pro wrestling robot, I'd never get anything done. Quote2
-- Taleb Beni Khalid


The Ace Android is a robot employed by the Royal Flush Gang. The first robot was design by Derek Reston, an industrialist and engineer who was being mind controlled by Hector Hammond. This robot was advanced enough to pass as human, and stood in contact with Reston. It was destroyed by Black Canary's Canary Cry.

Like the first human Aces, the Ace Android acted as the leader of the gang. With later models, leadership passed to the King when a robot was employed.

Later models were considerably larger and less man-like, and served as muscle. They were usually kept out of the fight until the last moment - like an Ace in the hole - when the gang hoped to press their luck or make their getaway.

They get destroyed. A lot.


  • It is a given that the android does not survive beyond one issue or story line (to date, none ever did). Should the super hero community forget to keep the tally:
  1. Superman: 5[1][2]
  2. Booster Gold: 3[3][4][5]
  3. Black Canary: 2[6][7]
  4. Bobo Bennetti: 1[8]
  5. Green Lantern: 1[9]
  6. Joker: 1[10]
  7. Power Girl: 1[11]
  8. Red King: 1[12]
  9. Stargirl: 1[13]
  10. S.T.R.I.P.E.: 1[13]

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