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Quote1 Acheron. And as the name implies, I'm a very powerful ghost. I doubt I could stand toe to toe with the Spectre mind you, but I do okay. Quote2
-- Acheron src

A patron of the Oblivion Bar, Arheron is a ghost, and according to himself quite a powerful one. He helped Blue Devil and Nightshade on a one time mission to hell to retrieve Lucifer's Trident from Etrigan along with the Midnight Rider and the sorceress Warlock's Daughter. Archeron's powers proved most useful to the team, constructing the image of a flight of angels to scare off a demon horde.


  • Flight
  • Fear: Acheron can root around in a foe's psyche to find their fears and show an image of them.
  • Dematerialization: For a brief time, Acheron can turn the solid flesh of others immaterial, allowing them to pass through stone and other materials


His fear power doesn't work on those with no fear such as Etrigan, and to work on a group he must find something they universally fear.



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