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Action Comics Annual Vol 1 11


Action Comics Annual Vol 1 11

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"Last Son": The escaped Phantom Zone Criminals observe the city of Metropolis in ruins. The only thing that can possibly stand against them is the Superman Revenge Squad. Oddly, Superman needs their assistance in stopping the renegade [[Kryptonia

Quote1 Up, up and away. Quote2
-- Chris Kent

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Synopsis for "Last Son"

The escaped Phantom Zone Criminals observe the city of Metropolis in ruins. The only thing that can possibly stand against them is the Superman Revenge Squad. Oddly, Superman needs their assistance in stopping the renegade Kryptonians. They are all armed with Kryptonite weaponry and firearms that project red solar radiation. Superman and Lex Luthor argue with one another, but both understand that they must put aside their differences if they are to defeat the common threat.

The U.S. military mobilize in the streets of Metropolis, but there is nothing they can do against the Kryptonians. General Zod is willing to kill his own son to show that he will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. Superman speeds onto the scene and barrels into Zod. The rest of the Superman Revenge Squad take positions throughout the city and begin selecting targets. Metallo and the Parasite begin picking off targets from a rooftop while Bizarro embroils in a slugfest with the brutish Non. Managing to slip away from his fight with Zod and Ursa, Superman is able to free the other heroes held inside the Kryptonians' base.

Luthor meanwhile, sneaks into the criminals' Sunstone hive. A Zoner attacks him, but Luthor is able to kill him with his specialized arsenal. Afterward he muses, "So this is what it feels like to kill a Kryptonian. Feels good". Lois Lane enters the hive and finds Luthor fast at work on one of Zod's rocket pods. He explains that the Zoners (and everyone connected to them including Clark) are connected to the zone by an invisible tether. By reversing the rocket's warp drive, he seeks to snap the tether like a rubber band, instantly transporting everyone back to the Zone. He coyly confesses that he neglected to tell Superman exactly how his plan works.

Although Lois renders him unconscious on the head with a Sunstone, Luthor's plan works and suddenly a giant vortex opens up in Metropolis, sucking the Zoners back into it. As he is sucked in, General Zod screams that there is something lurking inside the Phantom Zone, and when he next escapes, he will unleash that upon Earth. Superman grabs a hold of Chris, but the boy believes that he is the only one who can close the portal. Unfortunately, it also means that he must return to the Phantom Zone with the others. Superman is unwilling to sacrifice Chris to such a life, but the boy is adamant. He is doing what Superman would do. With an "Up, up and away", Chris flies into the vortex and the portal closes behind him.

In the following days, life returns to normal across Metropolis. Clark and Lois discuss the events with Jimmy Olsen and Perry White, saying that Lor-Zod was just a good kid with bad parents. Perry asks when the two of them will have children, and Clark sadly says that it looks like children aren't in their future. Although it was Lex Luthor who truly saved the city, the newspapers only acknowledge Lor-Zod's heroic sacrifice, and Luthor can only rage in prison. Metallo and Parasite are recaptured in Gotham City, but there is no sign of Bizarro. Saddened over the loss of Chris, Superman retreats to the Fortress of Solitude to consult with Jor-El. Jor-El tells him that a Kryptonian and a human are genetically incompatible, and cannot reproduce. Kal-El is the last of the House of El.

Superman then contacts Mon-El who is still trapped in the Phantom Zone. Mon-El says that Zod and his forces have retreated back to Fort Razz, but there is no sign that Chris is with them. Mon-El promises Superman that he will never give up searching for Chris.


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