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Action Comics Annual Vol 1 5


Action Comics Annual Vol 1 5

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""Loose Cannon"": Crippled ex-cop from the MSCU "Eddie Walker" struggles to find meaning in his life after an accident he had while on the Force. Shortly before he decides to kill himself, [[Margaret Sawyer (New Earth)|Maggie Sawye

Quote1 What're all you people gawkin' at? Never seen a seven-foot naked blue man before? NAKED?! @#$%&*! Quote2
-- Loose Cannon

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Synopsis for "Loose Cannon"

Crippled ex-cop from the MSCU "Eddie Walker" struggles to find meaning in his life after an accident he had while on the Force. Shortly before he decides to kill himself, Maggie Sawyer, an old friend of his, gives him a job investigating recent murders of derelicts in Suicide Slum. Unbeknownst to either of them, the murderer is actually an alien parasite, "Lissik", feeding on the spinal fluids of Metropolis' citizens. Although Walker almost immediately finds Lissik (in her seductive human form), she is actually able to lure him into an alley and feed on him as well.
When Walker wakes up later, to his surprise, he finds himself not only naked, but 7 feet tall and blue. Confused as to his identity or recent events, he is immediately thrown into a conflict with the Eradicator surrounding Lissik once again. Lissik had attempted to feed on the Eradicator, but was unable to due to his superior physiology. Walker, not understanding why the Eradicator is attacking a seemingly innocent female, attempts to protect her, and the Eradicator perceives him as a villain and begins attacking him instead. Their conflict leads to the Hobbsneck Bridge, where the two of them end up being forced to team up against Lissik and two more parasites, "Glonth" and "Pritor". Walker proves his good intentions to the Eradicator during the battle, and after they've caused the Parasites to flee (at the cost of the bridge blowing up), they even shake hands and Walker offers a possibility of friendship which the Eradicator seems to accept. After talking to Maggie one more time as she and the rest of the MSCU prepare to do cleanup around the bridge, he introduces himself to her "Loose Cannon" and hops away, going back to his apartment.
Inside of his apartment, he reverts back to his normal state and finds himself a cripple once more. Recognizing the effects of his superpowers as temporary, Eddie still enjoys the sunset, recognizing himself as "screwed again. Typical... but it's a living."



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