"Superman: "My Best Friend-- The Super-Spy!"": The enemy agent inside Galaxy Communications uses androids against Superman.

Appearing in Superman: "My Best Friend-- The Super-Spy!"

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Synopsis for Superman: "My Best Friend-- The Super-Spy!"

The enemy agent inside Galaxy Communications uses androids against Superman.

Appearing in Green Arrow: "The Mystery of the Giant Arrows"

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Synopsis for Green Arrow: "The Mystery of the Giant Arrows"

This story is reprinted from Adventure Comics #252.

When Star City is terrorized by giant gimmicked arrows landing in the city, Green Arrow and Speedy get on the case. After destroying a few of the arrows they visit with an astronomer who has viewed where the arrows are coming from. Looking through the high powered telescope, they see a giant boy shooting the arrows from another dimension. When another arrow lands, this time with a string tied to it, Green Arrow and Speedy hop on and allow themselves to be pulled into Dimension Zero.

Appearing in The Atom: "The Atomic Flea!"

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Synopsis for The Atom: "The Atomic Flea!"

This story is reprinted from Atom #18.

The Atom has a feeling of deja-vu when he is hiding out in a safe that he hid in previously while fighting the Hyper-Thief. When crooks crack the safe again, the Atom springs out and knocks out the two thugs that are in the room. While the Atom is knocking these crooks out and signaling the police, the real thief -- a costumed crook named the Black Phantom -- is robbing the safe of it's contents and leaving his calling card: A single thumb print linking himself to the crime.

Back at police headquarters, the Atom and the police compare notes about the Black Phantoms activities. Studying the Phantom's routine, they know that he robs three locations in a given city before moving on and that he has successfully robbed two locations in Ivy Town already. They then decide to setup a trap for him, by guarding all the potential spots for theft except for one which the Atom will hide out in. However, the Black Phantom has anticipated this move and while the police and the Atom are staking out various safes around the city, the Phantom has broken into a scientific lab and stolen a powerful new experimental bomb. When they realize what's happened, they are informed by Professor Morton Oldham that the bomb has power enough to completely destroy Ivy Town.

When the Atom is planted in another safe in another attempt to apprehend the Black Phantom, he suddenly suffers a dizzy spell and finds himself transported back in time 24 hours into the past. Coming to the conclusion that residual energy from the Time Pool has caused this twist of fate, Atom finds that strange vibrations prevent him from doing more than reliving the last 24 hours over exactly as they had happened, including failing to stop the Black Phantom from robbing the safe he and stealing the bomb. There is only one minor difference: When reliving a date that he had with Jean as Ray Palmer, the Atom would notices that the vibrations strangely ceased when they arrived at their destination, a restaurant called the Blue Door.

That night when placed back in the safe where he previously was shunted back in time, the Atom instead finds that time continues to go forward and the Black Phantom arrives to rob the bank. Although the Phantom has prepared by having a vial of tear-gas handy, the Atom manages to escape it's effect by shrinking small enough to hide within the carpet. Using his size changing powers, the Atom manages to defeat and capture the Black Phantom.

Unmasked and taken into police custody, the Phantom gloats that the bomb that he had stolen is his ace in the hole: If the police do not let him free, the bomb will go off at 2:00 in the afternoon killing them all. Knowing that he stole the bomb, the police are hard pressed and are about to let him go when the Atom realizes that the strange vibrations of chronal energy stopped vibrating due to his proximity to the radioactive materials of the bomb. Using this as a guide, the Atom leads the police to the Phantom's hideout, which is not far from the Blue Door Restaurant and disarm it with a minute to spare.


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