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Action Comics Vol 1 650


Action Comics Vol 1 650

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"Reflections": Draaga goes to a bar in space, looking for someone to take him to Earth to fight Superman. Drag finds K'Raamdyn, who tells him how everyone saw his first fight with Superman, and that he thinks D

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Synopsis for "Reflections"

Draaga goes to a bar in space, looking for someone to take him to Earth to fight Superman. Drag finds K'Raamdyn, who tells him how everyone saw his first fight with Superman, and that he thinks Dragga got a raw deal. K'Raamdyn agrees to take Dragga to Earth, and the two begin their journey in the K'Raamdyn's ship. Meanwhile, back on Earth, Superman's friends reminisce about him. Meanwhile, again, Maxima makes plans to return to Earth to try and claim Superman again. On the last page, we see Lobo enter the bar that Draaga just left.


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