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in: Dick Giordano/Executive Editor, Jackson Guice/Cover Artist, Roger Stern/Writer Jackson Guice/Penciler, Denis Rodier/Inker, Glenn Whitmore/Colourist, Bill Oakley/Letterer, Mike Carlin/Editor, Matrix (Pocket Universe)/Appearances, Alexander Luthor (New Earth)/Appearances, Sydney Happersen (New Earth)/Appearances, Margaret Sawyer (New Earth)/Appearances, Daniel Turpin (New Earth)/Appearances, William Henderson (New Earth)/Appearances, James Harper Clone (New Earth)/Appearances, Dubbilex (New Earth)/Appearances, Paul Westfield (New Earth)/Appearances, Anthony Rodriguez (New Earth)/Appearances, Walter Johnson (New Earth)/Appearances, Jonathan Gabrielli (New Earth)/Appearances, Patrick MacGuire (New Earth)/Appearances, Thomas Thompkins (New Earth)/Appearances, Carl Packard (New Earth)/Appearances, Kal-El (New Earth)/Appearances, Lois Lane (New Earth)/Appearances, Jonathan Kent (New Earth)/Appearances, Martha Clark (New Earth)/Appearances, Lana Lang (New Earth)/Appearances, Gretchen Kelley (New Earth)/Appearances, Metropolis/Appearances, Centennial Park/Appearances, Project Cadmus (New Earth)/Appearances, Metropolis International Airport/Appearances, Guardian's Shield/Appearances, Funeral for a Friend, Comics, 1993, 1993, February, 1992, December (Publication), Action Comics Vol 1, Modern-Age, Synopsis Written, Death and Return of Superman Crossover, Funeral for a Friend Crossover

Action Comics Vol 1 686


Action Comics Vol 1 686

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"Who's Buried In Superman's Tomb?": On leave from Cadmus, Guardian apprehends a group of armed criminals in a stolen delivery van, when all of sudden Dubbilex contacts him telepathically telling him to return to Cadmus immediately.

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Synopsis for "Who's Buried In Superman's Tomb?"

On leave from Cadmus, Guardian apprehends a group of armed criminals in a stolen delivery van, when all of sudden Dubbilex contacts him telepathically telling him to return to Cadmus immediately.

Lex Luthor, on his way to Centennial Park, confides to Sydney Happerson his feeling of paranoia about Superman's body being missing, considering that Superman might have faked his death just like himself. Luthor arrives at the park where Supergirl fills him in on the events she and Turpin encountered in the tomb. Maggie Sawyer asks Luthor why a tomb would be equipped with access vents and secret tunnels. Luthor says that the site had originally been planned to hold a time capsule, but were ideal for the construction of Superman's memorial statue. The group decide to reinvestigate the tunnel.

Guardian returns to find Paul Westfield overseeing Carl Packard trying to obtain tissue samples from Superman's body. Furious, Guardian goes after Westfield, but is held back by Dubbilex. Guardian says that even if Superman could be cloned, he would not his mind to put in the cloned body. Rodriguez says that mental impressions that Dubbilex previously absorbed from Superman could be enough if a clone is made. Reluctant, Guardian agress only on the condition that the project's head doctors be in charge, not Westfield.

While watching the news of the people missing in the wake of Doomsday's destruction, Lois is ready to take Jonathan, Martha, and Lana to the airport.

Back in the underground tunnels, Luthor accidentally sets off an explosive charge placed by Cadmus agents to seal up the path. Everybody survives, but the explosion cracked a spot in the cave that lies beneath Hobb's River, flooding parts of the cave. All parties agree to keep the news of Superman's missing tomb a secret so as not to create riots, even though a cult that worships Superman has set up camp outside the memorial. Everyone also knows Cadmus is responsible, with Sawyer and Turpin wondering what's Luthor's agenda is in all this, and Luthor dying to know what Westfield is working on in Cadmus.

Lois says goodbye to Jonathan and Martha. Lana and Lois have a tearful goodbye.


This issue is reprinted in the World Without a Superman and in the Superman: Funeral for a Friend trade paperbacks and the Superman: The Death and Return of Superman Omnibus.


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The Death and Return of Superman
The events from this issue or series are related to The Death and Return of Superman, a retroactively named trilogy in which Superman is killed by the monster Doomsday, and then later brought back to life. Meanwhile, four superheroes debut in Metropolis to take his place, The Eradicator, Steel, Cyborg Superman, and Superboy.
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