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Synopsis for "Secret Weapon"

As Superman and Steel press onward toward the heart of Engine City, Supergirl reveals herself as Superman's secret weapon against the troops they have encountered along the way. Superboy survives the destruction of the rocket that was diverted from destroying Metropolis, but is now left too weak to return to Engine City. Cyborg Superman begins to realize that his adversary Superman has returned from the dead and is now contemplating on how to personally deal with him. Mongul decides to end his unequal partnership with the Cyborg and fires up the engines of the city powered by Kryptonite. At the Fortress of Solitude, the Eradicator drains all its energy in order to repower himself and resume his fight against the Cyborg.


This issue is reprinted in the The Return of Superman trade paperback and the Superman: The Death and Return of Superman Omnibus.


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The Death and Return of Superman
The events from this issue or series are related to The Death and Return of Superman, a retroactively named trilogy in which Superman is killed by the monster Doomsday, and then later brought back to life. Meanwhile, four superheroes debut in Metropolis to take his place, The Eradicator, Steel, Cyborg Superman, and Superboy.
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