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Action Comics Vol 1 699


Action Comics Vol 1 699

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"Eye of the Hurricane": Lex Luthor holds a video press conference publicly decrying the efforts of Project Cadmus whom he holds responsible for repeated attacks against his life. He openly declares his intention to instigate aggressive action against the labo

Quote1 I've endured fires, blackouts, and riots, but I've never been forced to evacuate my own city room... until now. Quote2
-- Perry White

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Synopsis for "Eye of the Hurricane"

Lex Luthor holds a video press conference publicly decrying the efforts of Project Cadmus whom he holds responsible for repeated attacks against his life. He openly declares his intention to instigate aggressive action against the laboratory despite whatever trauma such a venture may yield for Metropolis. As a result, Metropolitans begin evacuating the city in droves and the National Guard is called in to help facilitate the evacuation.

Meanwhile, Superman returns after his recent encounter with the Parasite. It appears that he has successfully bleeded off the excess energy he had absorbed. He visits Professor Hamilton who gives him a clean bill of health.

Changing to Clark Kent, he then visits Lois Lane and discovers that she has been fired after publishing a sensationalist tabloid article against Lex Luthor. Lois tells him that someone hacked into her computer and altered her story to discredit her, but she cannot prove it.

Perry White meanwhile, moves the Daily Planet staff off the island and they set up shop in the Planet's original printing press in Queensland Park. Perry notices that all of the newspapers computer systems were built by LexCorp. He instructs his staff to show him all articles before they go to print.

Later, Clark changes back to Superman and begins hunting for Lex Luthor. He crashes through the window of the LexCorp Tower where he finds an enraged Supergirl standing over an obviously ill and weakened Luthor. Superman restrains her from striking him and he is shocked to see how sickly Luthor has grown. This is not the same man whose face has been appearing on the television reports.

Meanwhile, Guardian leads a Project Cadmus security team through the sewers of Metropolis. They encounter the Underworlders who have been amassing weapons in a bid to strike back at Cadmus. The Underworlders open fire and their battle takes them to the streets of Metropolis.

After Superman and Supergirl have left LexCorp Tower, Luthor instructs his physician Gretchen Kelley and scientist Carl Packard to place him inside a hyperbaric chamber. Though dying, Luthor is still determined to win the day.


  • Lex Luthor's efforts to discredit Lois Lane stems from the fact that she tried to expose Luthor for attempting to murder his karate instructor in Superman (Volume 2) #77. The instructor was revealed to have survived Luthor's attack in Superman Annual #5. In retaliation against Lane, Luthor had her apartment destroyed in Adventures of Superman #512.


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Superman: Man of Steel #34: 1994/21

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This issue is related to the Battle for Metropolis and Fall of Metropolis storylines, spanning through the Superman Titles in 1994, and involving the battle for, and then fall of Metropolis.