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"Tikei Ketsuki: Mercy, Love, and Blood, Part One": Lois and her mother Ella sit together in an airport in Japan, about to depart for Vienna. They both talk about how wonderful the vacation has been, and how nice it is to catch up.

Appearing in "Tikei Ketsuki: Mercy, Love, and Blood, Part One"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Kojiro
  • Sakki (First appearance)

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Tikei Ketsuki: Mercy, Love, and Blood, Part One"

Lois and her mother Ella sit together in an airport in Japan, about to depart for Vienna. They both talk about how wonderful the vacation has been, and how nice it is to catch up.

Meanwhile, Jimmy Olsen and Clark Kent sit in the back of a vehicle in Japan, talking about Japanese food in reality as opposed to how it is portrayed in America. The drivers are taking them to see damage reeked by a metahuman "war god" on the populace. They arrive, astonished to see a building halved. They examine the scene in which Clark notes that the wreckage is still hot. The piece actually burns Clark. He passes it off as nothing, though.

Moments later, Superman flies over a monorail, looking for the source of the attack. He comes upon gunfire, and finds a room full of ninja-like men dying, in various shades of phasing from existence. They are all trying to kill a samurai looking woman dressed in white, who is annihilating them all. Bullets pass through her, and physical attacks fail. Superman draws a line in the sand and tells her to stop. She flies away and forcing Superman to chase her. She tells him that she is fighting on the side of right, and that to interfere is wrong. He counters that fighting evil with evil is not only wrong, but impermissible.

The chase leads to a dojo, so it would seem, and inside, the woman in white is revealed her name as Byakko. The revealer is her partner, a man named Gunshin, metallic in color and also wearing samurai weapons. Superman bends Gunshin's sword. However, Gunshin says, "heavy", and Superman falls through the ground and a number of floors.

In Vienna, Lois and her mother remark about how wonderful Vienna is. Lois' mother wonders why Lois doesn't want to spend much time with her husband. Lois wonders herself, casting doubt about whether she wants to return.

Back in Japan, a man with a scarred half-face named Kojiro acts disappointed about Gunshin and Byakko stopping him from taking over Tokyo. He hands a canister to a person, who swears to make Tokyo Kojiro's.

Clark talks with a fellow reporter about the Japanese take on the situation. They want the war gods to clean up Tokyo.

Gunshin and Byakko practice in their dojo and debate Superman's presence.

Tokai, the man whom Kojiro gave the canister to him, torches a five square block area of Tokyo. Superman arrives to deal with him, berating about the horrible things that he is doing. Tokai responds by torching a school bus. Tokai slams Superman about, and says that his name is no longer Tokai. It is Sakki, the hate furnace. Brakko arrives on the scene.


  • This book was first published on January 30, 2002.
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