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in: Dan DiDio/Executive Editor, Ed McGuinness/Cover Artist, Dexter Vines/Cover Artist Dave Stewart/Cover Artist, Dan Abnett/Writer, Andy Lanning/Writer, Karl Kerschl/Penciler, Karl Kerschl/Inker, Richard Horie/Colourist, Tanya Horie/Colourist, Rob Leigh/Letterer, Eddie Berganza/Editor, Tom Palmer, Jr./Editor, Lois Lane (New Earth)/Appearances, Perry White (New Earth)/Appearances, James Olsen (New Earth)/Appearances, John Henry Irons (New Earth)/Appearances, Natasha Irons (New Earth)/Appearances, Kon-El (New Earth)/Appearances, Eradicator (New Earth)/Appearances, Bibbo Bibbowski (New Earth)/Appearances, Lana Lang (New Earth)/Appearances, Clark Peter Ross (New Earth)/Appearances, Krypto (New Earth)/Appearances, Doomsday (New Earth)/Appearances, Henry Henshaw (New Earth)/Appearances, Brainiac 13 (New Earth)/Appearances, Majestros (Wildstorm Universe)/Appearances, Kal-El (New Earth)/Appearances, Metropolis/Appearances, Daily Planet/Appearances, S.T.A.R. Labs/Appearances, Suicide Slum/Appearances, Fortress of Solitude/Appearances, Phantom Zone Projector/Appearances, Steel's Armor MK IV/Appearances, Kinetic Hammer/Appearances, Comics, 2004, 2004, March, January 14, 2004 (Publication), 2004, January (Publication), Action Comics Vol 1, Modern-Age, Synopsis Written

Action Comics Vol 1 811


Action Comics Vol 1 811

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"Strange New Visitor, Part One": A strange temporal storm (the "Time Storm"), that was responsible for Superman's disappearance, continues to cause certain chaos above Metropolis.

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Synopsis for "Strange New Visitor, Part One"

A strange temporal storm (the "Time Storm"), that was responsible for Superman's disappearance, continues to cause certain chaos above Metropolis.

Lois Lane, inspired by some people who helped others without Superman's presence, decides to report and observe other people in the midst of the storm. Lois went to S.T.A.R. Labs, observing the city's brightest minds having a hard time to grasp the Time Storm. John Henry Irons quiet things down and have sent his niece, Natasha, to observe and collect data on the storm. Upon getting close to the storm, Natasha is hit by lightning, but is then fortunately save by Superboy.

Lois then goes to Suicide Slum in interviewing Bibbo Bibbowski, who is enthusiastically "standing in" for Superman in the Slum. Bibbo tells Lois that he still have hopes that Superman will come back as always, no matter what.

Meanwhile, Lana Lang receives a call from her ex-husband, Pete Ross, that he is gaining custody over their son Clark.

At the Fortress of Solitude, Superboy and Natasha Irons recruits Eradicator in helping them solve the Time Storm, and believed that the storm is connected to Brainiac 13 technology in Metropolis and that given the Eradicator 's Kryptonian technology would be immune to the storm. Eradicator agrees to help and decides that the first thing to do is to use the Phantom Zone Projector to contain the storm, and if B13 technology is the cause of the storm, then they would find the moment when it first appear since Brainiac 13's appearance.

Lois returns to the Daily Planet, finding a problem to her story is that there are too many to write about, but finding that the people of Metropolis is looking after themselves as best as they can. Lois thinks on top of the building's observation deck and suddenly the floor of the deck is dematerializing. Lois is caught on what is left of the deck, but she is then save by the surprising appearance of Mister Majestic of the Wildstorm Universe!



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