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"Godfall, Part Four: Heaven": Kal lies on the ground, thoughts streaming through his head. He thinks he is the last son of Krypton and then he thinks the sun is hot, but he normally doesn't feel heat. He hurts too, and normally he never hurts. But everyone hurts. No, after his father built the t

Appearing in "Godfall, Part Four: Heaven"

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Synopsis for "Godfall, Part Four: Heaven"

Kal lies on the ground, thoughts streaming through his head. He thinks he is the last son of Krypton and then he thinks the sun is hot, but he normally doesn't feel heat. He hurts too, and normally he never hurts. But everyone hurts. No, after his father built the terraforge Krypton was turned into a paradise. But Krypton is gone, and his father with it. As two of the criminals approach him, he thinks of Lois. Someone called him God, but Gods don't burn. Hauling him into their motorcycle, the pair of criminals blast away from the burning wreckage. They tried to kill him this morning, and now they are saving Kal's life. Back at their meeting place, they confront their leader about Kal. They discover that it was never about liberation, going for Kal was simply a paid hit, and had nothing to do with Kandor. The short one asks Kal if it was his wife, and Kal tells him that the woman isn't his wife. Suddenly Sergeant Preus descends into the clearing and demands that they give him the killer, and he may just let the rest of them live.

Lyla hovers in the sky above Metropolis, thinking about heaven. She lands and comments that heaven doesn't smell very nice. A man approaches her, asks her how much, and then whispers some very crude ideas into her ear. She knocks the man through a window. Glancing around she sees all of the misery in Suicide Slum, and wonders why this isn't heaven.

In Kandor the gang flees on their motorcycles while the Sergeant pursues, blasting the pavement just behind them. His command tells him to pull off, but he isn't going to let the criminal get away. A blast strikes just in front of the bike and Jigsaw is sent flying off. At the last moment Kal grabs him, saving him from the pavement. Jigsaw lifts a gun and missile at Preus. The resulting smoke clouds his vision for a moment and when it clears the bikers are gone. Preus calls off the support units.

The band speeds away from the city. Kal thinks to himself that he knew this was Kandor the moment Lyla's spell was broken, but it is no Kandor he ever knew. Coming over a ridge, Kal is shocked to find a whole city of aliens spread out below him. They explain that this is where the Kryptonians send the aliens that speak out against the government. One of them says they should just tie up Kal and leave him for the authorities. He's the one who freeze-dried a kid. Kal tells him to shut his damn mouth. He will pay for his crime, but not until he finds Lyla and sets Kandor right. They ask who he thinks he is, and he responds that he is Kal-El, last son of Krypton. Superman. They're all incredulous, the Superman lives up in heaven and flies like a bird...and burns with a look and freezes time with a word. Closing his eyes for a moment, Kal tells them they need to see something.

In Metropolis, Lyla continues her attack, demanding to have her reward as the successor of Kal-El. Looking up she sees the Daily Planet in the distance and soars towards it.

Kal tells them about the history of Kandor that he knew, but a lot can change in 100 years. None of them knew about the bottle, or about the world outside, and the only way he will convince them is to show them. Kelex installed a conduit to vent pollution from the city, and Kal never dreamed he'd use it to escape. He tells them that he was fighting thousands of years in the future and when he was on his way back he was so weak that he could barely focus, and Lyla pulled him in. They tell Kal that they can help, but he refuses. They insist though. If there is a world where they aren't hunted, then it is their right. As a group, they head through the portal. Behind them, Sergeant Preus steps out and watches them go.

In the fortress Superman immediately tells Kelex to interface with Kandor and figure out what happened to the city. Then he needs to tell him why all of the refugees aren't two inches tall. After that they are taking down a goddess.

Inside the Daily Planet, Lyla confronts Lois. Lois demand to know where Superman is, but Lyla tells her that God is dead.

Appearing in "Gog"

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  • unnamed child


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Synopsis for "Gog"

In the middle of the Topeka battleground, after his fight with Imperiex, Superman hands a small boy off to rescue workers. Superman told the boy that he was afraid too, but if they can both be brave then they'll find the kid's parents. The boy agrees to be brave. As a paramedic checks the boy over, he asks him where his parents are. The boy said they were having dinner, and points to a Big Belly Burger that is now completely in ruins. His father had run outside to help people and his mother had shoved him into a bathroom. The wall fell in and that's when Superman saved him. But Superman went to find his parents.

The medic takes the child over to a group of children to wait. The boy asks if it's just until Superman finds his parents, and the man agrees. The medic walks over to the man who took the child from Superman and asks him if he was told anything. Superman asked him for information, but never said anything about finding the boy's parents alive. He whispers that Superman would never promise anything like that. Everyone is dead, and a promise like that could scar a kid for life.

The next morning the child wakes up crying for his parents. Wandering around the disaster zone he finds a worker who tells him that he hasn't seen Superman since yesterday. The boy wanders over to the ruined restaurant where he finds a hand sticking out of the wreckage. He rushes to it and begins to try to pull the corpse out of the ruins. The rescue workers quickly pull him away and give the wailing child a sedative. They think he won't remember a thing, children are resilient that way. The child sleeps fitfully, muttering about Superman not keeping promises. At the foot of his bed, a shadowed figure tells the boy that Superman makes a lot of promises that he doesn't keep The figure reveals to be Gog, who thinks Superman is a very bad man.



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