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Action Comics Vol 1 837


Action Comics Vol 1 837

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""Up, Up, and Away! (Part II of VIII) - Mild-Mannered Reporter"": Lex Luthor is inside of an underground laboratory working on his latest project. He listens to a radio broadcast concerning the Lexcorp board members ousting him as CEO. Suddenly Superman appears to smash th

Quote1 Keep talking, Smallville. I love it when you crusade. Quote2
-- Lois Lane

Appearing in "Up, Up, and Away! (Part II of VIII) - Mild-Mannered Reporter"

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Synopsis for "Up, Up, and Away! (Part II of VIII) - Mild-Mannered Reporter"

Lex Luthor is inside of an underground laboratory working on his latest project. He listens to a radio broadcast concerning the Lexcorp board members ousting him as CEO. Suddenly Superman appears to smash through the side wall of his lab, but it is merely the Toyman – piloting a manned Superman robot. Luthor has been expecting him, but is unimpressed with his showy theatrics. He shows him the Sunstone crystal and tells him that they work to do.

At Sullivan place, Clark Kent is still getting used to no longer having powers. He nurses the injuries he suffered from Luthor’s physical assault and is concerned that he may have even cracked a tooth. The two go up to the roof of the building and enjoy a cup of tea.

Later, Clark goes to Metro Square and enters a subway station. He is speaking to someone over a cell phone and tells them that he is going to investigate some of Luthor's old underground bolt holes to see if there is any connection between him and the recent Intergang activity. As he continues farther underground, he loses his cell phone signal.

Clark eventually comes upon several Intergang wannabes wearing old Lexcorp battle suits. They discover him and open fire, chasing Clark back down the tunnels. Finally, the people that Clark had been speaking on the phone with make their presence known – Green Lantern and Hawkgirl.

GL and Kendra mop up the floor with the six thugs and Clark lends as hand as well. After the fight is over, they fly him back to Sullivan Place. Clark asks Hal if he intends on re-starting the defunct Justice League, but Hal has other affairs on his mind. He wants Clark to get back into "the game" and offers him an S-shaped Green Lantern ring.

Meanwhile, Lex Luthor goes to the Superman memorial statue in Centennial Park. He meets with Metallo who is now outfitted with a clone body to cage his Kryptonite heart. The two enter into a new partnership.



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Up, Up, and Away!
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