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Action Comics Vol 1 842


Action Comics Vol 1 842

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""Back in Action (Part II of III) - Action & Reaction"": Superman is in San Francisco, where he helps the Teen Titans prevent the Auctioneer from stealing Alcatraz. The Auctioneer is fascinated with Superman, and shifts his attention to capturing Earth's costumed supe

Quote1 Plus, if I didn't study my principles of architectural function -- I only got to fight goners like Tweedledum and Tweedledee, while Batman got all the cool rogues. Quote2
-- Nightwing

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Synopsis for "Back in Action (Part II of III) - Action & Reaction"

Superman is in San Francisco, where he helps the Teen Titans prevent the Auctioneer from stealing Alcatraz. The Auctioneer is fascinated with Superman, and shifts his attention to capturing Earth's costumed super-heroes and super-villains. The Man of Steel and the Titans are teleported away, their bodies converted into digital data. The media covers the event while also casting doubt on whether or not the recently returned Superman is the real deal.

At the White House, the President and his military advisers discuss the threat. One adviser argues that they should allow the metahumans to be taken, as it would be ridding them of many criminals. However, another adviser strongly advises against that strategy, saying that it is their duty to protect the many metahumans who are American citizens, and that they stand little chance at ending the threat without the aid of the metahumans, especially Superman.

Mister Terrific sends out an alert to other heroes warning them about the possibility of being snatched up. It is received by Nightwing and Firestorm, who board one of the Auctioneer's flying robots in hopes of reaching wherever the kidnapped heroes and villains are being kept. They are successful, and arrive at the packaging facility just as Superman, Blue Jay, Skyrocket, Veteran, Livewire, and Aquaman are able to free themselves of their prison. However, there is a power-damping system in place that has removed most of their powers.

The small crew fights several robots and bickers about who should be their leader. Nightwing is able to access the aliens' computer system, and Livewire, who has limited use of her powers, is able to transmit a video feed of their situation to the world. Mr. Terrific, back at the JSA headquarters, is able to access the schematics of the alien facility through Livewire's feed, and directs the group to a power bay, where they can turn off the power-damping field. However, they have to first disrupt the power core to get through, leaving only a seven-second window until the backup systems bring it back online.

Superman leaps into the air, falling toward the power-damping controls, trusting that his companions will be able to turn off the power core at the right time.


  • This book was first published on August 20, 2006.
  • This issue is reprinted in the Superman: Back in Action trade paperback.
  • Includes DC Nation #24 editorial by Dan DiDio.
  • The Auctioneer identifies three Kryptonians on Earth. While Superman and Supergirl are the first two, the identity of the third is not revealed- possibly Power Girl, the Earth Two equivalent of Supergirl.


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