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Action Comics Vol 1 843


Action Comics Vol 1 843

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""Back in Action (Part III of III) - All-Out Action"": Superman dives into the Power Damping Field aboard the Auctioneer's ship. He only has seven second to break through the field and disrupt the core, or else he will be destroyed. [[Leslie Willis (New Earth)|Live

Quote1 College Prof-talking second head on my shoulder. I am so not loving this. Quote2
-- Livewire

Appearing in "Back in Action (Part III of III) - All-Out Action"

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Synopsis for "Back in Action (Part III of III) - All-Out Action"

Superman dives into the Power Damping Field aboard the Auctioneer's ship. He only has seven second to break through the field and disrupt the core, or else he will be destroyed. Livewire uses her powers on the station's broadcasting terminal so that all of Earth can witness the spectacle, taking place aboard the ship. Superman's deed proves successful and he flies back up towards the other heroes. He reveals that the power damping effects were entirely psychosomatic and that they always had their powers.

As the other heroes recuperate, Superman takes the initiative and begins scouring the ship for other captured heroes. He also begins destroying key sections of the ship in order to draw the Auctioneer’s attention. The gamble works, and the Auctioneer leaves Earth and returns to his station.

Superman finds the alien entity that functions as the Auctioneer's Ops controller. Holding him hostage, he threatens to destroy him and the ship unless the Auctioneer sets everyone free. The Auctioneer recognizes that Superman would never take a life and calls his bluff. Superman switches tactics and tells him that Livewire will short-circuit the Auctioneer's entire business network unless they let him and his friends go. The Auctioneer agrees, but coyly mentions that he was initially drawn to Earth while tracking an alien vessel that is scheduled to arrive soon.

Everyone returns to Earth safe and sound. Superman flies home, but is curious about the nature of this third Kryptonian that the Auctioneer mentioned.



  • Superman indicates that he knows of only two Kryptonians active on Earth. Counting himself however, he actually knows three. He references Supergirl, but there is also Superboy and Power Girl. Superman doesn't mention Superboy (for fairly obvious reason) as he died during the Infinite Crisis event. Power Girl was only recently (and retroactively) revealed to be Kryptonian as well, albeit from an alternate dimension.

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