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Action Comics Vol 1 869


Action Comics Vol 1 869

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"Brainiac (Part IV of V) - Mind Over Matter": As it continues to raze Metropolis, Brainiac's head ship deploys dozens of robotic Brainiac Probes. Supergirl holds the front line and defends the Daily Planet. Bolstering her courage,

Quote1 They call you Superman. Why would they call you that -- when you are not a "man" at all? And "super"? There is nothing super about you. Quote2
-- Brainiac

Appearing in "Brainiac (Part IV of V) - Mind Over Matter"

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Synopsis for "Brainiac (Part IV of V) - Mind Over Matter"

As it continues to raze Metropolis, Brainiac's head ship deploys dozens of robotic Brainiac Probes. Supergirl holds the front line and defends the Daily Planet. Bolstering her courage, she charges head-long into the probes.

On board the head ship, Superman continues to struggle with Brainiac. He tears out one of Brainiac's cybernetic implant cables, causing him to howl in electrostatic pain.

After temporarily disabling Brainiac, Superman discovers the shrunken, bottled Kryptonian city of Kandor. He communes with Supergirl's parents, Alura and Zor-El, who ask him if their daughter is safe. Zor-El tells Superman of how his former home of Argo City had been assimilated into Kandor after an encounter with Brainiac.

Brainiac recovers from his injury and renews his attack against Superman. He gets the drop on him, and attaches him to a network of cables that hard-wires him to the ship's computer systems. Brainiac then uses his force field technology to generate a sphere around Metropolis. Shrinking it, he brings it aboard his ship. Now that he has what he came for, Brainiac no longer requires the use of the planet Earth. He launches a solar aggressor towards the sun and tells Superman that the device will cause the sun to flare up, incinerating the planet Earth.



Action Comics 869 Beer Bottle Swap

What's Clark drinking, anyway?

The original cover to this issue showed Clark and Jonathan holding bottles of beer. DC editorial staff found this to be uncharacteristic of Clark, and the cover was recalled. The replacement cover shows Jonathan and Clark holding drink bottles clearly labeled as "Soda Pop".

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Superman - New Krypton Special 1
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New Krypton Crossover
This issue is related to the Superman: New Krypton crossover, running through the Superman Titles between 2008 and 2009, involving the coming of a great number of new Kryptonians to Earth from the Bottle City of Kandor.

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