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in: Dan DiDio/Executive Editor, Gary Frank/Cover Artist, Chris Sprouse/Cover Artist
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Karl Story/Cover Artist, Guy Major/Cover Artist, Geoff Johns/Writer, Pete Woods/Penciler, Pete Woods/Inker, Brad Anderson/Colourist, Steve Wands/Letterer, Wil Moss/Editor, Matt Idelson/Editor, Kal-El (New Earth)/Appearances, Alura In-Ze (New Earth)/Appearances, Ronald Troupe (New Earth)/Appearances, Steven Lombard (New Earth)/Appearances, Kara Zor-El (New Earth)/Appearances, Zor-El (New Earth)/Appearances, Creature Commandos (New Earth)/Appearances, Elliot Taylor (New Earth)/Appearances, J.A.K.E. II (New Earth)/Appearances, Matthew Shrieve (New Earth)/Appearances, Myrra Rhodes (New Earth)/Appearances, Vincent Velcoro (New Earth)/Appearances, Warren Griffith (New Earth)/Appearances, Vril Dox I (New Earth)/Appearances, Brainiac Probe/Appearances, Gor (New Earth)/Appearances, Alexander Luthor (New Earth)/Appearances, John Corben (New Earth)/Appearances, Benjamin Krullen (New Earth)/Appearances, Samuel Lane (New Earth)/Appearances, Benjamin Lockwood (New Earth)/Appearances, Jefferson Pierce (New Earth)/Appearances, Jason Garrick (New Earth)/Appearances, Alan Scott (New Earth)/Appearances, Hal Jordan (New Earth)/Appearances, John Stewart (New Earth)/Appearances, James Harper Clone (New Earth)/Appearances, Kendra Saunders (New Earth)/Appearances, Carter Hall (New Earth)/Appearances, Michael Holt (New Earth)/Appearances, Kryptonians/Appearances, Kandorians/Appearances, Kara Zor-L (Earth-Two)/Appearances, Koriand'r (New Earth)/Appearances, John Henry Irons (New Earth)/Appearances, Ace Arn (New Earth)/Appearances, Diana of Themyscira (New Earth)/Appearances, Lor-Zod (New Earth)/Appearances, Thara Ak-Var (New Earth)/Appearances, Gotham City/Appearances, Metropolis/Appearances, New Troy/Appearances, Centennial Park/Appearances, Daily Planet/Appearances, North Pole/Appearances, Fortress of Solitude/Appearances, Kandor (New Earth)/Appearances, Project 7734/Appearances, Gold Kryptonite/Appearances, Green Kryptonite/Appearances, Steel's Armor/Appearances, Brainiac's Skull Ship/Appearances, Superman: New Krypton, Comics, 2009, 2009, February, 2008, December (Publication), Action Comics Vol 1, Modern-Age, Synopsis Written

Action Comics Vol 1 872


Action Comics Vol 1 872

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"New Krypton (Part VII of X) - Brainiac Lives": Superman presses Alura for information identifying the Kandorians responsible for several Stryker's Island Penitentiary deaths and admonishes her for her decision to imprison known adversaries

Appearing in "New Krypton (Part VII of X) - Brainiac Lives"

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Synopsis for "New Krypton (Part VII of X) - Brainiac Lives"

Superman presses Alura for information identifying the Kandorians responsible for several Stryker's Island Penitentiary deaths and admonishes her for her decision to imprison known adversaries inside the Phantom Zone. Alura protests, citing that her initiatives are geared towards rebuilding the universe. She shows Superman dozens of bottled environments that they had liberated from Brainiac's Skull Ship. One of these environments contains the inanimate forms of Ultra the Multi-Alien and the Creature Commandos.

In Metropolis, Reactron teams up with Metallo and the two begin wreaking havoc in the city streets. This tactic is aimed towards drawing out Commandor Gor's soldiers who surround the villains and prepare to transport them to the Phantom Zone. They trick the Kandorians into transporting them to New Krypton where they begin attacking the Kryptonians. Armed with both gold and green Kryptonite, they mercilessly cut into the innocent aliens.

Simultaneously, Lex Luthor divines a way to tap into Brainiac's cybernetic network and activate his killer probe robots. The robots awaken inside Brainiac's ship and begin slaughtering Kryptonians alongside Reactron and Metallo.

Superman and the others release the Creature Commandos who assist them in fighting the villains. The opposing forces overwhelm them, however, and Reactron deals a fatal blow to Supergirl's father, Zor-El.

Elsewhere, Agent Liberty and the Guardian address an assemblage of heroes in regards to the Kryptonian situation.


  • This issue shipped on December 10th, 2008.
  • Issue shipped with a variant cover illustrated by Chris Sprouse.
  • This issue is Chapter Seven of the "New Krypton" saga.


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New Krypton Crossover
This issue is related to the Superman: New Krypton crossover, running through the Superman Titles between 2008 and 2009, involving the coming of a great number of new Kryptonians to Earth from the Bottle City of Kandor.

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