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Appearing in "The Black Ring, Part Three"

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  • Ross Ice Shelf

Synopsis for "The Black Ring, Part Three"

Lex, Loisbot, Deathstroke and several Lexcorp operatives have tracked the Black Lantern energy to Antarctica and though visibility is next to zero they are able to track and reveal an orb of deadly black energy. Deathstroke is unnerved, something about the orb makes him flinch. As Wilson edges nearer to the orb one of Luthor's employees, Spalding, reveals data that shows the orb is billions of years old, that the Black Lantern energy dispersed across space and time. That also means this is only a small part of the energy, a bubble of debris. Deathstroke suddenly becomes mindlessly enraged intent on killing his employer. Lex is far from unprepared and using strange technology is able to sheath his body in his familiar battlesuit. Whilst Lex is fighting he orders Spalding to continue testing the orb.

Lois meanwhile mysteriously refuses to use her Brainiac weaponry to help Lex, and while hesitating the duo are suddenly attacked by their colleagues as they too succumb to the orb's deadly influence. It should be noted when Spalding is threatened Lois does act and urges him to follow Luthor's orders.

Lex fights with all his might, against both Deathstroke and the effects of the orb, but even he falls. Wilson is raising his blade ready to behead Lex when suddenly he wakes from his trance. Spalding had completed his analysis and somehow in doing so had converted it to (White Lantern?) energy which faded along with its harsh effects.

While Luthor continues his quest a shadowy figure stalks a cave full of tech in a mysterious location. As the electricals power up we see the figure is none other than Gorilla Grodd!

To Be Continued...

Appearing in "A look at things to come in... Superboy"

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  • Earth-creatures

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Synopsis for "A look at things to come in... Superboy"

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