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"Hybrid, Part 3: More Than Human": While Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen intrepidly enter the hole leading deep into the underground infrastructure of Metropolis, Superman hopes that having dragged a monstrous alien

Quote1 I created the virus. You can't just cure it, you idiot! Quote2
-- Lex Luthor

Appearing in "Hybrid, Part 3: More Than Human"

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Synopsis for "Hybrid, Part 3: More Than Human"

While Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen intrepidly enter the hole leading deep into the underground infrastructure of Metropolis, Superman hopes that having dragged a monstrous alien hybrid down there, he will find a way to separate it from oxygen, having learned that it needs oxygen to thrive. In the city's underground waterways, he submerges the creature, and it withdraws, slowly splitting into the innocent people it was constructed from. These people were genetically engineered into a collective with the sole purpose of killing him. When he experiences another hallucination as a result of his exposure to the Hybrid's DNA, he is glad to have help from Dr. Veritas, via a holographic transmission.

To help, she teleports a light device to his location, replicating the glare of a red sun, which weakens the hybrid organism. She warns that if he stays, it will weaken him too. Despite this, Superman refuses to leave these people without a protector. Before she can do anything more to convince him, their signal breaks up.

Suddenly, the source of the signal jam crashes through a nearby wall. It is Lex Luthor in his warsuit. Luthor warns that despite Superman's efforts to deal with these hybrids, the people of Metropolis have now seen that he attracts dangers to their city, and as such, he has appointed himself to evict Superman from the planet. However, he is disappointed to find that Superman is much weaker than expected, unaware of the red sun radiation that has reduced Superman's strength. Confused, Superman uses his X-Ray vision to discover who is beating him senseless, and speaks Lex's name aloud. Lois Lane, who has just caught up, overhears this, assuring that the media knows who is responsible.

Superman urges Lois to get the hybrid humans to safety, as Luthor warns that they can't re-integrate into society, as they carry the hybrid virus - he will not allow them to leave. Sternly, Lois presses Jimmy to lead them all away. Superman, meanwhile, knocks off Luthor's helmet, and in the man's confusion, gets away from the red light, and hides in the shadows. Luthor angrily shouts that by letting those people go, Superman has allowed the virus to spread. from the darkness, Superman states that he will see to it that they are quarantined and cured. Annoyed by Superman's hiding, Lex calls for him to show himself. Obliging, Superman reveals that he had been standing right in front of his opponent by unleashing a blast of heat-vision.

Nearby, Lois refuses to go until she gets all of their exchange recorded on her phone. She manages to capture Luthor admitting that he created the virus, but when the battle gets too close, she drops her phone.

Unable to fly in his weakened state, Superman takes a gamble, and rips the jetpack from Luthor's suit, using it to propel himself up into outer-space, to take in the light of the yellow sun, and regain his strength. From a crater on earth, Luthor wonders where Superman went, only to see the man of steel speeding out of the sun's glare, to make forceful contact between his fist and Luthor's face. As superman hovers over Luthor's unconscious form, he hears the gathered police debating about whether they should arrest him for wrongdoing. Depressed, Superman flies away. Meanwhile, Lois explains the truth of Lex's guilt to the police, though she only has Jimmy to corroborate her story.

The next afternoon, Jimmy and Lois meet with Clark Kent, who was - again - conspicuously absent the previous day. To Lois' surprise, he presents her with the phone she dropped, claiming that it washed up on the river shore that morning, and he had spent ages looking for it when he'd heard it went missing. Thankful, Lois embraces him, declaring him the best friend anyone could ever have, and sealing his fate as a resident of her friend-zone. Further evidence to this comes in the form of Jon Carroll, Lois' boyfriend. As she rushes over to him, Jimmy whispers to Clark that despite the situation, it's still okay to hope.

Appearing in "The World of Krypton, Part 2: Dissension"

Featured Characters:

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  • Sea of Banzt
  • Underwater City of Xan



Synopsis for "The World of Krypton, Part 2: Dissension"

After watching her supreme commanding officer assassinate the Minister of Science with her own weapon, Lara Lor-Van is understandably confused and angered. She attacks him, as he attempts to explain that he did it because he could no longer tolerate the Kryptonian Science Council's introspection and weakness. He explains that Krypton will never rise to its former glory while all effort is spent in pursuit of self-satisfaction and scientific navel-gazing. Angrily, Lara prepares to fire her weapon at the colonel, but her lover Jax-Ur aims his own weapon at her, and warns her to stand down. As she relinquishes her weapon to him, confusedly, he whispers that they have to trust the colonel. Despite her obedience, the colonel orders that she be locked up and charged with treason.

Facing the assembly, the colonel claims that it is time for Krypton to put its trust in the strength of a unified military superpower. As Jax-Ur begins guiding Lara away, she realizes that he has been corrupted by the colonel's own corrupt ideology, and knocks the wind out of him, warning that he is dead to her now. Pursued by the colonel's forces, Lara becomes the sole voice of dissent amid a full-scale military coup. Who can she trust now?

Meanwhile, in the underwater ruins of Xan, Jor-El is still late for the Council meeting, and is surprised when what he thinks is an armed escort arrives to collect him. However, he soon learns that they intend to kill him at the colonel's command.


  • This book was first published on June 5, 2013.
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