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"Atomic Knights, Part One": In space, Hector Hammond is overseeing the construction of an intergalactic weapon designed by H.I.V.E.. He is suddenly interrupted by Straith of the Pax Galactica, who determines th

Quote1 Yes, it's a little strange an Academy Award-winning actor is powered by a pan-dimensional energy supply that animates what appears to be a synthetic body... but unless he's tossing buildings or trying to take over Metropolis, is it any of my business? Quote2
-- Superman

Appearing in "Atomic Knights, Part One"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Harlan Quint
  • Ali Allred




Synopsis for "Atomic Knights, Part One"

In space, Hector Hammond is overseeing the construction of an intergalactic weapon designed by H.I.V.E.. He is suddenly interrupted by Straith of the Pax Galactica, who determines that the weapon must be destroyed in the name of peace, to Hammond's great annoyance.

Meanwhile, Clark Kent and Cat Grant are attending the opening of a new blockbuster action flick, and naturally, Clark is nervous and wary of the reputation he will gain as a top-notch new reporter attending entertainment events - which are Cat's wheelhouse. Cat, of course, is trying to get their budding partnership some work by forcing her way into the inner circle of reporters swarming around up-and-coming starlet Ali Allred, whom she practically discovered. Unfortunately, Ali's manager has promised any exclusive interviews to the Daily Planet. In order to give Cat the break she needs, Clark uses his heat vision to melt everyone else's Q-pads.

Soon, though, Clark notices the smell of Infinitium in the air. This smell seems to be coming from actor Harlan Quint, whose last film this is. According to Clark's x-ray vision, Quint is wearing some kind of exo-skeleton powered by infinitium, which is troubling, considering that the only sample he knows of in this dimension lies within the Fortress of Solitude. Despite the strangeness, Clark decides that this anomaly is none of his business, which matters little, because moments later, he receives a message from Hector Hammond, via the mouths of every guest at the party, begging Superman for help in Earth's outer orbit.

Despite Superman's obvious disdain for him, and his having immediately recognized the debris around the scientist as a weapon, Hammond warns him that Straith might still be a threat to the Earth, and directs him to seek him out on the Moon's surface. Straith is annoyed to be distracted from his work, and knocks Superman into space, angering him. As they fight, Superman comments that he has never heard of Straith's "Pax Galactica", and won't let up until he has assurance that the alien's intentions are noble. Angered by the assumption that he is in the wrong, Straith promises to kill Superman, but he is assured that he will not do so by a new arrival: Lourdes of the Pax Galactica.

Appearing in "The World of Krypton, Part 3: Darkest Depths"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Mang-Ul (Dies)
  • Kra-Hu


  • Sea of Banzt
  • Underwater City of Xan



Synopsis for "The World of Krypton, Part 3: Darkest Depths"

At the archaeological site beneath the Sea of Banzt, Jor-El finds himself being placed under arrest by members of Krypton's military, who, under orders from The Colonel have engaged in a coup to overthrow the Kryptonian Science Council. In order to escape them, he spooks the creatures known as Teklons, who are notoriously violent when frightened. The soldiers are soon under attack by the creatures, but the act renders him unconscious and his companions Lar and Zora don't know what to do.

Meanwhile, the Colonel takes a few of the Science Council members hostage and demands to know the nature of a strange device located within Krypton's subterranean power grid. Though they profess that it is merely a part of the city's power grid, he believes it is something more, and when they fail to tell him what he wants to hear, he orders them all killed. One who fears for his life claims that he knows what it is. It is a Sensory Harmonic Resonator. The only person who knows the device's protocols, though, is Jor-El. The Colonel admits that he is aware the device has been manipulating the people of Krypton so that they remain intellectually curious; their brains will be stimulated so that peace is kept. He intends to change that.

Jor-El comes to, and instantly comes under fire by the Colonel's soldiers. Unfortunately, Lar and Zora are caught in the gunfire, and killed. Unexpectedly, though, the soldiers' ship is destroyed before Jor's eyes, courtesy of Lara Lor-Van. She takes him away, and explains the nature of the military coup. Jor-El insists on returning to preserve the Science Council's values, though the Colonel would certainly kill him if he were caught. Reluctantly, Lara agrees to accompany him.

Meanwhile, the Colonel intends to repurpose the device to force the masses of Krypton to behave as he sees fit - and he sees fit that they destroy themselves from within. He wants to eradicate them.


  • Starting with this issue, Action Comics is no longer telling stories from Superman's past. It is now contemporary with Superman Vol 3.


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