Alan Tudyk (b. March 16, 1971) has voiced the following characters:

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Selected Filmography

Project Date Role
Batman: The Brave and the Bold 2008-2011
     "Requiem for a Scarlet Speedster!" May 29, 2010 Flash
     "Four Star Spectacular!" November 4, 2011 Flash
Young Justice 2010-2013
     "Independence Day Part 1" November 26, 2010 Oliver Queen/Green Arrow
     "Infiltrator" February 11, 2011 Oliver Queen/Green Arrow
     "Bereft" March 11, 2011 Doctor Simon Jones/Psimon
     "Image" March 17, 2012 Doctor Simon Jones/Psimon
Oliver Queen
     "Agendas" March 24, 2012 Oliver Queen/Green Arrow
     "Insecurity" March 31, 2012 Oliver Queen/Green Arrow
     "Salvage" May 19, 2012 Oliver Queen/Green Arrow
     "Beneath" May 26, 2012 Doctor Simon Jones/Psimon
     "Satisfaction" September 29, 2012 Oliver Queen/Green Arrow
Leonard Snart/Captain Cold
     "The Fix" January 26, 2013 Doctor Simon Jones/Psimon
Injustice: Gods Among Us April 16, 2013 Green Arrow
Green Arrow (Alternate reality)[1]
Justice League: War February 4, 2014 Superman
Infinite Crisis March 26, 2015 Green Arrow
Powerless 2017-
     "Wayne or Lose" February 2, 2017 Van Wayne
     "Wayne Dream Team" February 9, 2017 Van Wayne
     "Sinking Day" February 16, 2017 Van Wayne
     "Emily Dates a Henchman" February 23, 2017 Van Wayne
     "Cold Season" March 9, 2017 Van Wayne
     "I'ma Friend You" March 30, 2017 Van Wayne
     "Van v Emily: Dawn of Justice" April 6, 2017 Van Wayne
     "Green Furious" April 13, 2017 Van Wayne
     "Emergency Punch-Up‎" April 20, 2017 Van Wayne


  1. Since the skin and base character are voiced by the same actor and an article for the character exists, it is included in the list even though the character does not appear in the game as an opponent or in the base cinematic scenes.