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Amanda Pays as Tina McGee from The Flash episode "Pilot"

Amanda Pays (b. June 6, 1959) portrayed Tina McGee on 1990 The Flash series. She portrays a new, unrelated version of the same character on the 2014 series.[1]

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Selected Filmography

Series/Episode Date Role
The Flash 1990-1991
     A full episode list is provided below with characters listed per episode
The Flash 2014-
     "The Man in the Yellow Suit" December 9, 2014 Doctor Tina McGee
     "All Star Team Up" April 14, 2015 Doctor Tina McGee
     "The Fury of Firestorm" October 27, 2015 Doctor Tina McGee
     "The Reverse-Flash Returns" January 26, 2016 Doctor Tina McGee
     "Invincible" May 17, 2016 Doctor Tina McGee

The Flash (1990-1991)

Episode Date Role
"Pilot" September 20, 1990 Tina McGee
"Out of Control" September 27, 1990 Tina McGee
"Watching the Detective" October 18, 1990 Tina McGee
"Honor Among Thieves" October 25, 1990 Tina McGee
"Double Vision" November 1, 1990 Tina McGee
"Sins of the Father" November 8, 1990 Tina McGee
"Child's Play" November 15, 1990 Tina McGee
"Shroud of Death" November 29, 1990 Tina McGee
"Ghost in the Machine" December 13, 1990 Tina McGee
"Sight Unseen" January 10, 1991 Tina McGee
"Beat the Clock" January 31, 1991 Tina McGee
"The Trickster" February 7, 1991 Tina McGee
"Tina, Is That You?" February 14, 1991 Tina McGee
"Be My Baby" February 21, 1991 Tina McGee
"Fast Forward" February 28, 1991 Tina McGee
"The Deadly Nightshade" March 28, 1991 Tina McGee
"Captain Cold" April 6, 1991 Tina McGee
"Twin Streaks" April 13, 1991 Tina McGee
"Done with Mirrors" April 27, 1991 Tina McGee
"Good Night, Central City" May 4, 1991 Tina McGee
"Alpha" May 11, 1991 Tina McGee
"Trial of the Trickster" May 18, 1991 Tina McGee


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