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Brian Cutler Mug

Brian Cutler as Rick Mason from the Isis episode "The Lights of Mystery Mountain"

Brian Cutler (b. May 18, 1945) portrayed Rick Mason on the television series Isis.

(External Links: The actor's entry on IMDb)

Selected Filmography

Series/Episode Date Role
Isis 1975-1976
     "The Lights of Mystery Mountain" September 6, 1975 Rick Mason
     "Fool's Dare" September 13, 1975 Rick Mason
     "Spots of the Leopard" September 20, 1975 Rick Mason
      "The Sound of Silence" September 27, 1975 Rick Mason
     "Rockhound's Roost" October 4, 1975 Rick Mason
     "Lucky" October 11, 1975 Rick Mason
     "Bigfoot" October 18, 1975 Rick Mason
     "How to Find a Friend" October 25, 1975 Rick Mason
     "The Showoff" November 1, 1975 Rick Mason
     "The Outsider" November 8, 1975 Rick Mason
     "No Drums, No Trumpets" November 15, 1975 Rick Mason
     "Funny Gal" November 22, 1975 Rick Mason
     "Girl Driver" November 29, 1975 Rick Mason
     "Scuba Duba" December 6, 1975 Rick Mason
     "Dreams of Flight" December 13, 1975 Rick Mason
     "Seeing Eye Horse" September 11, 1976 Rick Mason
     "The Hitchhiker" September 18, 1976 Rick Mason
     "The Class Clown" September 25, 1976 Rick Mason
     "The Cheerleader" October 2, 1976 Rick Mason
     "Year of the Dragon" October 9, 1976 Rick Mason
     "Now You See It..." October 16, 1976 Rick Mason
     "...And Now You Don't" October 23, 1976 Rick Mason

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