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Bruce Weitz (b. May 27, 1943) voiced Lyle Bolton for the episode "Lock-Up" of the animated series Batman and Bruno Mannheim for the animated series Superman.
(External Links: The actor's entries on IMDb and Wikipedia)

Selected Filmography

Series/Episode Date Role
Batman 1992-1996
     "Lock-Up" November 19, 1994 Lyle Bolton
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman 1993-1997
     "Church of Metropolis" October 23, 1994 Martin Snell
Superman 1996-2000
     "Fun and Games" September 7, 1996 Bruno Mannheim
     "Tools of the Trade" February 1, 1997 Bruno Mannheim
     "Father's Day" October 5, 1997 Bruno Mannheim
     "Apokolips... Now!, Part I" February 7, 1998 Bruno Mannheim

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