Buster Jones (b. 1943 - d. September 16, 2014) voiced Black Vulcan for the animated television series Challenge of the Super Friends.
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Selected Filmography

Series/Episode Date Role
The All-New Super Friends Hour 1977
     "The Whirlpool" September 10, 1977 Black Vulcan
Challenge of the Super Friends 1978
     A full episode list is provided below with characters listed per episode
Super Friends 1980-1983
     "Dive to Disater" September 20, 1980 Black Vulcan
     "The Voodoo Vampire" October 11, 1980 Black Vulcan
     "The Killer Machines" November 1, 1980 Black Vulcan
     "Bazarowurld" October 17, 1981 Black Vulcan
     "The Iron Cyclops" October 24m 1981 Black Vulcan
     "Terror on the Titanic" September 24, 1983 Black Vulcan
     "The Malusian Blob" October 15, 1983 Black Vulcan
Super Friends: The Legendary Super Powers Show 1984
     "The Bride of Darkseid, Part I" September 8, 1984 Black Vulcan
     "Darkseid's Golden Trap, Part I" November 3, 1984 Black Vulcan
     "Darkseid's Golden Trap, Part II" November 10, 1984 Black Vulcan
Batman 1992-1996
     "Night of the Ninja" October 26, 1992 Night Manager
The New Batman Adventures 1997-1999
     "Love is a Croc" July 11, 1998 Judge

Challenge of the Super Friends

Episode Date Role
"Invasion of the Fearians" September 16, 1978 Black Vulcan
"The World's Deadliest Game" September 23, 1978 Black Vulcan
"The Time Trap" September 30, 1978 Black Vulcan
"Trial of the Super Friends" October 7, 1978 Black Vulcan
U.N. Representative
"Monolith of Evil" October 14, 1978 Black Vulcan
"Secret Origins of the Super Friends" October 21, 1978 Black Vulcan
"Revenge on Gorilla City" November 4, 1978 Black Vulcan
"Swamp of the Living Dead" November 11, 1978 Plutonium Plant Guard 3
"World Beneath the Ice" November 11, 1978 Black Vulcan
"Conquerors of the Future" November 18, 1978 Black Vulcan
"Fairy Tale of Doom" December 2, 1978 Black Vulcan
"Doomsday" November 1, 1978 Black Vulcan
Galactic Policeman