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Diane Pershing voiced Poison Ivy and Mary Grayson for the animated series Batman and other DC Animated Universe series.
(External Links: The actor's entries on IMDb and Wikipedia)

Selected Filmography

Project Date Role
Superman 1988
     "Wildsharkk/To Play or Not to Play" November 26, 1988 Additional voices
Batman 1992-1996
     "Pretty Poison" September 14, 1992 Poison Ivy
     "Eternal Youth" September 23, 1992 Poison Ivy
     "Almost Got 'Im" November 10, 1992 Poison Ivy
     "Joker's Wild" November 19, 1992 Poison Ivy
     "Harley and Ivy" January 18, 1993 Poison Ivy
     "Robin's Reckoning, Part I" February 7, 1993 Mary Grayson
Additional voices
     "House and Garden" May 2, 1994 Poison Ivy
     "Trial" May 16, 1994 Poison Ivy
The New Batman Adventures 1997-1999
     "Holiday Knights" September 13, 1997 Poison Ivy
     "Joker's Millions" February 21, 1998 Poison Ivy
     "Girl's Night Out" October 17, 1998 Poison Ivy
     "Chemistry" October 24, 1998 Poison Ivy
Gotham Girls 2000-2002
     A full episode list is provided below with characters listed per episode
Batman: Vengeance September 18, 2001 Poison Ivy
Static Shock 2000-2004
     "Hard as Nails" January 25, 2003 Poison Ivy
Justice League 2001-2004
     "A Better World, Part II" November 1, 2003 Poison Ivy

Gotham Girls

Episode Date Role
"The Vault" July 27, 2000 Poison Ivy
"Trick or Trick?, Part I" August 24, 2000 Poison Ivy
"Trick or Trick?, Part II" August 24, 2000 Poison Ivy
Fake Batgirl
"More Than One Way" October 5, 2000 Poison Ivy
"Pave Paradise" October 19, 2000 Poison Ivy
"The Three Babes" November 16th, 2000 Poison Ivy
"The Gardener's Apprentice" November 30, 2000 Poison Ivy
"Lady-X" December 14, 2000 Poison Ivy
"Miss Un-Congeniality" June 19, 2001 Poison Ivy
"Strategery" July 3, 2001 Poison Ivy
"Baby Boom" July 17, 2001 Poison Ivy
"Catsitter" August 28, 2001 Poison Ivy
"Gotham Noir" September 11, 2001 Poison Ivy
"Scout's Dis-Honor" September 25, 2001 Poison Ivy
"I'm Badgirl" October 9, 2001 Poison Ivy
"Ms.-ing in Action" July 16, 2002 Poison Ivy
"Gotham in Pink" July 30, 2002 Poison Ivy
"Hear Me Roar" August 13, 2002 Poison Ivy
"Gotham in Blue" August 27, 2002 Poison Ivy
"A Cat in the Hand" September 10, 2002 Poison Ivy
"Jailhouse Wreck" September 24, 2002 Poison Ivy
"Honor Among Thieves" October 8, 2002 Poison Ivy
"No, I'm Batgirl!" October 22, 2002 Poison Ivy
"Signal Fires" November 5, 2002 Poison Ivy
"Cold Hands, Cold Heart" November 19, 2002 Poison Ivy

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