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Don Messick (b. September 7, 1926 - d. October 24, 1997) voiced the Scarecrow for the animated series Challenge of the Super Friends.
(External Links: The actor's entries on IMDb and Wikipedia)

Selected Filmography

Series/Episode Date Role
Challenge of the Super Friends 1978
     "Wanted: The Super Friends" September 9, 1978 Scarecrow
U.S. Mint Guard 2
     "Invasion of the Fearians" September 16, 1978 Scarecrow
     "The World's Deadliest Game" September 23, 1978 Scarecrow
     "The Time Trap" September 30, 1978 Scarecrow
     "Trial of the Super Friends" October 7, 1978 Scarecrow
     "Monolith of Evil" October 14, 1978 Scarecrow
     "The Beasts Are Coming" October 21, 1978 Astronaut 1
Astronaut 2
     "Secret Origins of the Super Friends" October 21, 1978 Scarecrow
Ground Quake Kryptonian
Mocking Kryptonian
     "The Giants of Doom" October 28, 1978 Scarecrow
     "Revenge on Gorilla City" November 4, 1978 Scarecrow
Fear Gassed Gorilla
     "World Beneath the Ice" November 11, 1978 Plutonium Plant Guard 2
     "Swamp of the Living Dead" November 11, 1978 Scarecrow
     "Conquerors of the Future" November 18, 1978 Scarecrow
     "The Incredible Space Circus" November 25, 1978 Vartoo
     "The Final Challenge" November 25, 1978 Scarecrow
     "Fairy Tale of Doom" December 2, 1978 Scarecrow
     "Doomsday" December 9, 1978 Scarecrow
     "Super Friends: Rest in Peace" December 16, 1978 Scarecrow
     "History of Doom" December 23, 1978 Scarecrow

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