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Heather Hogan (b. October 10, 1985) voiced Phantom Girl for the animated series Legion of Super-Heroes.
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Selected Filmography

Series/Episode Date Role
Legion of Super-Heroes
     "Man of Tomorrow" September 23, 2006 Phantom Girl
     "Legacy" October 7, 2006 Phantom Girl
     "Phantoms" November 4, 2006 Phantom Girl
     "Champions" November 11, 2006 Phantom Girl
     "Child's Play" February 24, 2007 Phantom Girl
     "The Man from the Edge of Tomorrow, Part II" September 29, 2007 Phantom Girl
     "Cry Wolf" October 6, 2007 Phantom Girl
     "Chained Lightning" October 13, 2007 Phantom Girl
     "Trials" March 15, 2008 Phantom Girl

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