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Slater Supergirl mug

Helen Slater as Supergirl from Supergirl

Helen Slater (b. December 15, 1963) portrayed Supergirl/Kara/Linda Lee in the film Supergirl. She also portrayed Lara on the television series Smallville and Eliza Danvers in Supergirl.

She also voiced Talia al Ghul for the animated series Batman.

(External Links: The actor's entries on IMDb and Wikipedia)

Selected Filmography

Project Date Role
Supergirl November 21, 1984 Supergirl/Kara Zor-El
Batman: The Animated Series 1992-1994
     "Off Balance" November 23, 1992 Talia al Ghul
     "The Demon's Quest, Part I" May 3, 1993 Talia al Ghul
     "The Demon's Quest, Part II" May 4, 1993 Talia al Ghul
     "Avatar" May 9, 1994 Talia al Ghul
Smallville 2007-2010
     "Lara" November, 2007 Lara
     "Blue" November, 2007 Lara
     "Abandoned" November 12, 2010 Lara
Supergirl 2015-
     "Pilot" October 26, 2015 Eliza Danvers
     "Livewire" November 16, 2015 Eliza Danvers
     "Myriad" April 11, 2016 Eliza Danvers
     "Better Angels" April 18, 2016 Eliza Danvers
     "Medusa" November 28, 2016 Eliza Danvers
     "Homecoming" February 27, 2017 Eliza Danvers
Super Hero High March 19, 2016 Martha Kent
DC Super Hero Girls: Hero of the Year August 9, 2016 Martha Kent

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