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Ian Abercrombie Mug

Ian Abercrombie as Alfred Pennyworth in a promotional still for Birds of Prey

Ian Abercrombie (b. September 11, 1934 - d. January 26, 2012) portrayed Alfred Pennyworth in the series Birds of Prey. He also voiced Ewan for the animated series The Batman and Ganthet for Green Lantern: The Animated Series.

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Selected Filmography

Series/Episode Date Role
The Flash 1990-1991
     "Ghost in the Machine" December 13, 1990 Skip
Birds of Prey 2002-2003
     A full episode list is provided below with characters listed per episode
The Batman 2004-2008
     "The Icy Depths" May 6, 2006 Ewan
Green Lantern: The Animated Series 2011-2013
     "Beware My Power" November 11, 2011 Ganthet
     "Razer's Edge" March 17, 2012 Ganthet
     "Regime Change" May 5, 2012 Ganthet
     "Blue Hope" January 12, 2013 Ganthet

Birds of Prey

Episode Date Role
"Pilot" October 9, 2002 Alfred Pennyworth
"Slick" October 16, 2002 Alfred Pennyworth
"Prey For the Hunter" October 23, 2002 Alfred Pennyworth
"Three Birds and a Baby" October 30, 2002 Alfred Pennyworth
"Sins of the Mother" November 6, 2002 Alfred Pennyworth
"Primal Scream" November 13, 2002 Alfred Pennyworth
"Split" November 20, 2002 Alfred Pennyworth
"Lady Shiva" November 27, 2002 Alfred Pennyworth
"Nature of the Beast" December 18, 2002 Alfred Pennyworth
"Gladiatrix" January 8, 2003 Alfred Pennyworth
"Reunion" January 8, 2003 Alfred Pennyworth
"Feat of Clay" February 19, 2003 Alfred Pennyworth
"Devil's Eyes" February 19, 2003 Alfred Pennyworth