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Jennifer Hale (b. January 1, 1972) is a voice actress who has voiced many characters for several DC adaptations. Along with numerous bit parts, these have included:

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Selected Filmography

Project Date Role
Superman 1996-2000
     "The Promethon" September 12, 1997 Female Vacationer
     "Little Big Head Man" November 21, 1998 Gsptlsnz
     "Absolute Power" January 16, 1999 Additional voices
Batman Beyond 1999-2001
     "Hooked Up" November 13, 1999 Jessie
Gen13 November 13, 1999 Alexa Gardner
Rachel Callahan
The Zeta Project 2001-2002
     "Kid Genius" August 11, 2001 Gloria
Gotham Girls 2000-2002
     "Ms.-ing in Action" July 16, 2002 Dora Smithy
Caroline Greenway
     "Gotham in Pink" July 30, 2002 Dora Smithy
Caroline Greenway
     "Hear Me Roar" August 13, 2002 Dora Smithy
Caroline Greenway
     "Gotham in Blue" August 27, 2002 Dora Smithy
Selma Reesedale
     "A Cat in the Hand" September 10, 2002 Dora Smithy
     "Jailhouse Wreck" September 24, 2002 Caroline Greenway
     "No, I'm Batgirl!" October 22, 2002 Dora Smithy
Selma Reesedale
     "Signal Fires" November 5, 2002 Selma Reesedale
     "Cold Hands, Cold Heart" November 19, 2002 Dora Smithy
Justice League 2001-2004
     "Legends, Part I" April 21, 2002 Black Siren
     "Legends, Part II" April 28, 2002 Black Siren
     "Maid of Honor, Part I" October 18, 2003 Chambermaid
Sroya Bashir
     "Maid of Honor, Part II" October 18, 2003 Chambermaid
     "The Terror Beyond, Part I" November 15, 2003 Inza Nelson
     "The Terror Beyond, Part II" November 15, 2003 Inza Nelson
     "Secret Society, Part I" November 22, 2003 Giganta
Killer Frost
     "Secret Society, Part II" November 22, 2003 Giganta
Killer Frost
Catwoman July 20, 2004 Patience Phillips/Catwoman
Justice League Unlimited 2004-2006
     "This Little Piggy" August 28, 2004 Zatanna
     "The Return" September 18, 2004 Inza Nelson
Sroya Bashir
     "Ultimatum" December 4, 2004 Giganta
     "Wake the Dead" December 18, 2004 Inza Nelson
Sroya Bashir
     "To Another Shore" September 24, 2005 Giganta
Killer Frost
Foreign Diplomat
     "Alive!" May 6, 2006 Giganta
Killer Frost
     "Destroyer" May 13, 2006 Giganta
Sroya Bashir
Chinese Woman
The Batman 2004-2008
     "The Big Dummy" November 27, 2004 Becky
Legion of Super-Heroes 2006-2008
     "Man of Tomorrow" September 23, 2006 Emerald Empress
Ma Kent
     "Champions" November 11, 2006 Emerald Empress
     "Fear Factory" November 18, 2006 Space Warrior
Ma Kent
     "Sundown, Part II" May 5, 2007 Emerald Empress
Ma Kent
Justice League Heroes October 17, 2006 Black Canary
Superman/Batman: Public Enemies September 29, 2009 Killer Frost
Batman: The Brave and the Bold 2008-2011
     "Long Arm of the Law!" December 11, 2009 Ramona
     "Chill of the Night!" April 9, 2010 Zatanna
Poison Ivy
     "Darkseid Descending!" December 3, 2010 Killer Frost
     "Shadow of the Bat!" April 22, 2011 Ice
     "Time Out for Vengeance!" September 23, 2011 Ice
Superman vs. The Elite June 12, 2012 Kid Playing Superman
Green Lantern: The Animated Series 2011-2013
     "Beware My Power" November 11, 2011 Carol Ferris
Biara Rev
     "In Love and War" April 28, 2012 Carol Ferris/Star Sapphire
Princess Ghia'ta
     "Homecoming" May 26, 2012 Carol Ferris
Princess Ghia'ta
     "New Guy" September 29, 2012 Carol Ferris
Vinessa Swelton
     "Love Is a Battlefield" February 16, 2013 Carol Ferris/Star Sapphire
Princess Gi'ata
Zamaron Guard
Injustice: Gods Among Us April 16, 2013 Hawkgirl
Hawkgirl (Alternate reality)
Killer Frost
Killer Frost (Alternate reality)
Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox July 30, 2013 Iris West
Billy Batson
Batman: Assault on Arkham August 12, 2014 Louise Lincoln/Killer Frost
Poison Ivy

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