Jesse Ziegler Mug

Jesse Ziegler as Jim Kipp from the Swamp Thing episode "The Emerald Heart"

Jesse Ziegler (b. July 1980) portrayed Jim Kipp in the live-action television series Swamp Thing.

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Selected Filmography

Series/Episode Date Role
Swamp Thing 1990-1993
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Superboy 1988-1992
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Swamp Thing

Episode Date Role
"The Emerald Heart" July 27, 1990 Jim Kipp
"The Death of Dr. Arcane" September 14, 1990 Jim Kipp
"The Legend of the Swamp Maiden" September 21, 1990 Jim Kipp
"Blood Wind" October 5, 1990 Jim Kipp
"Grotesquery" October 12, 1990 Jim Kipp
"Natural Enemy" October 19, 1990 Jim Kipp
"Treasure" October 19, 1990 Jim Kipp
"New Acquaintance" November 2, 1990 Jim Kipp
"Falco" November 9, 1990 Jim Kipp
"From Beyond the Grave" November 16, 1990 Jim Kipp
"The Shipment" November 23, 1990 Jim Kipp