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John Davey Mug

John Davey as Captain Marvel from an unspecified episode of Shazam

John Davey portrayed Captain Marvel for the final two seasons of the television series Shazam. Davey followed Jackson Bostwick who played Captain Marvel throughout the first season.

(External Links: The actor's entry on IMDb)

Selected Filmography

Series/Episode Date Role
Shazam 1974-1976
     A full episode list is provided below with characters listed per episode
Isis 1975-1976
     "Funny Gal" November 22, 1975 Captain Marvel
     "Now You See It..." October 16, 1976 Captain Marvel
     "...And Now You Don't" October 23, 1976 Captain Marvel


Episode Date Role
"Debbie" September 13, 1975 Captain Marvel
"Double Trouble" September 27, 1975 Captain Marvel
"Goodbye, Packy" October 4, 1975 Captain Marvel
"Speak No Evil" October 11, 1975 Captain Marvel
"The Odd Couple" October 18, 1975 Captain Marvel
"The Contest" September 11, 1976 Captain Marvel
"Bitter Herbs" September 18, 1976 Captain Marvel
"Ripcord" September 25, 1976 Captain Marvel
"Finders Keepers" October 2, 1976 Captain Marvel
"The Sound of a Different Drummer" October 9, 1976 Captain Marvel
"Out of Focus" October 16, 1976 Captain Marvel

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