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John Vernon (b. February 24, 1932 - d. February 1, 2005) voiced Rupert Thorne for the animated series Batman.
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Selected Filmography

Productions Date Role
Batman 1992-1996
     "It's Never too Late" September 10, 1992 Rupert Thorne
     "Two-Face, Part I" September 25, 1992 Rupert Thorne
     "Two-Face, Part II" September 26, 1992 Rupert Thorne
     "Vendetta" October 5, 1992 Rupert Thorne
     "The Man Who Killed Batman" February 1, 1993 Rupert Thorne
     "Shadow of the Bat, Part I" September 13, 1993 Rupert Thorne
     "Paging the Crime Doctor" September 17, 1993 Rupert Thorne
     "Bane" September 10, 1994 Rupert Thorne
     "Second Chance" September 17, 1994 Rupert Thorne
Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman October 21, 2003 Rupert Thorne

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