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Laura Vandervoort Mug

Laura Vandervoort as Kara Zor-El from a promotional still for Smallville

Laura Vandervoort (b. September 22, 1984) portrayed Kara Zor-El on the television series Smallville and Brainiac 8/Indigo on the series Supergirl.

(External Links: The actor's entries on IMDb and Wikipedia)

Selected Filmography

Series/Episode Date Role
Smallville 2001-2011
     A full episode list is provided below with characters listed per episode
Supergirl 2015-
     "Solitude" February 29, 2016 Brainiac 8/Indigo
     "Myriad" April 11, 2016 Brainiac 8/Indigo
     "Better Angels" April 18, 2016 Brainiac 8/Indigo


Episode Date Role
"Bizarro" September 25, 2007 Kara Zor-El
"Kara" October 4, 2007 Kara Zor-El
"Fierce" October 11, 2007 Kara Zor-El
"Cure" October 18, 2007 Kara Zor-El
"Lara" November 1, 2007 Kara Zor-El
"Blue" November 15. 2007 Kara Zor-El
"Fracture" February 14, 2008 Kara Zor-El
"Hero" March 13, 2008 Kara Zor-El
"Traveler" March 20, 2008 Kara Zor-El
"Veritas" March 27, 2008 Kara Zor-El
"Sleeper" April 24, 2008 Kara Zor-El
"Apocalypse" May 1, 2008 Kara Zor-El
Linda Danvers
"Arctic" May 15, 2008 Kara Zor-El
"Bloodline" November 6, 2008 Kara Zor-El
"Supergirl" September 8, 2010 Kara Zor-El
"Prophecy" May 6, 2011 Kara Zor-El

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