Michael Jai White Mug

Michael Jai White as Ben Turner from a promotional stoll for Arrow

Michael Jai White (b. November 10, 1967) has participated in a number of animated and live action projects based on DC Comics characters. He has voiced:

He has portrayed Gambol in the film The Dark Knight and Ben Turner on the series Arrow.

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Selected Filmography

Project Date Role
Static Shock 2000-2004
     "Static in Africa" February 8, 2003 Osebo
     "Out of Africa" January 31, 2004 Osebo
Justice League 2001-2004
     "A Better World, Part I" November 1, 2003 Doomsday
Justice League Unlimited 2004-2006
     "The Doomsday Sanction" November 1, 2003 Doomsday
Justice League Heroes October 17, 2006 John Stewart
Batman: The Brave and the Bold 2008-2011
     "Scorn of the Star Sapphire!" July 26, 2011 Tattooed Man
The Dark Knight July 18, 2008 Gambol
Arrow 2012-
     "Identity" October 16, 2013 Ben Turner
     "Tremors" January 29, 2014 Ben Turner
     "Suicide Squad" March 19, 2014 Ben Turner