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Norman Alden Mug 1

Norman Alden from the Batman episode "The Joker Trumps an Ace"

Norman Alden (b. September 13, 1924 - d. July 27, 2012) voiced Aquaman for first two seasons of the animated series Super Friends. Ther role was recast with William Callaway beginning with the third season. Earlier, Alden had portrayed one of Joker's henchmen on the series Batman.

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Selected Filmography

Series/Episode Date Role
Batman 1966-1968
     "The Joker Trumps an Ace" April 6, 1966 Henchman #1
     "Batman Sets the Pace" April 7, 1966 Henchman #1
Super Friends 1973
     A full episode list is provided below with characters listed per episode
The All-New Super Friends Hour 1977
     A full episode list is provided below with characters listed per episode

Super Friends

Episode Date Role
"The Power Pirate" September 8, 1973 Aquaman
"The Baffles Puzzle" September 15, 1973 Aquaman
"Professor Goodfellow's G.E.E.C." September 22, 1973 Aquaman
Plastic Man
"The Weather Maker" September 15, 1973 Aquaman
"Dr. Pelagian's War" October 6, 1973 Aquaman
"The Shamon U" October 13, 1973 Aquaman
"Too Hot to Handle" October 20, 1973 Aquaman
"The Androids October 27, 1973 Aquaman
"The Balloon People" November 3, 1973 Aquaman
"The Fantastic Frerps" November 10, 1973 Aquaman
"The Ultra Beam" November 17, 1973 Aquaman
"The Menace of the White Dwarf" November 24, 1973 Aquaman
"The Mysterious Moles" December 1, 1973 Aquaman
"Gulliver's Gigantic Goof" December 8, 1973 Aquaman
Green Arrow
"The Planet-Splitter" December 15, 1973 Aquaman
"The Watermen" December 22, 1973 Aquaman

The All-New Super Friends Hour

Episode Date Role
"The Invasion of the Earthors" September 10, 1977 Aquaman
"The Whirlpool" September 10, 1977 Aquaman
"Voyage of the Mysterious Time Creatures" September 17, 1977 Aquaman
"Invasion of the Hydronoids" September 24, 1977 Aquaman
"City in a Bottle" September 24, 1977 Aquaman
"The Day of the Plant Creatures" October 1, 1977 Aquaman
"The Super Friends Vs. The Super Friends" October 8, 1977 Aquaman
"The Enforcer" October 15, 1977 Aquaman
"Planet of the Neanderthals" October 15, 1977 Aquaman
"Flood of Diamonds" October 15, 1977 Aquaman
"The Lionmen" October 22, 1977 Aquaman
"The Invisible Menace" October 29, 1977 Aquaman
"The Coming of the Arthropods" October 29, 1977 Aquaman
"Attack of the Giant Squid" November 5, 1977 Aquaman
"The Water Beast" November 5, 1977 Aquaman
"The Mind Maidens" November 12, 1977 Aquaman
"Exploration: Earth" November 19, 1977 Aquaman
"Attack of the Killer Bees" November 19, 1977 Aquaman
"Tiny World of Terror" November 26, 1977 Aquaman
"Frozen Peril" December 3, 1977 Aquaman
"The Mummy of Nazca" December 3, 1977 Aquaman
"Will the World Collide?" December 10, 1977 Aquaman
Bald Scientist
Black Scientist
"The Protector" December 17, 1977 Aquaman
"The Ghost" December 17, 1977 Aquaman[1]

  1. This was Alden's last voicing of Aquaman. With the next season, Challenge of the Super Friends, the role was recast with William Callaway.