Tress MacNeille (b. June 20, 1951) voiced background characters for a number DC related animated series including: Batman: The Animated Series, Superman: The Animated Series, The New Batman Adventures, Batman Beyond, The Zeta Project, Teen Titans, and Batman: The Brave and the Bold. She also voiced a few prominent characters including:

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Selected Filmography

Project Date Role
Superman 1988
     "Destroy the Defendroids/The Adoption" September 17, 1988 Martha Kent
     "Fugitive From Space/The Supermarket" September 24, 1988 Martha Kent
     "By the Skin of the Dragon's Teeth/At the Babysitter's" October 1, 1988 Martha Kent
     "Cybron Strikes/The First Day of School" October 8, 1988 Martha Kent
     "The Big Scoop/Overnight with the Scouts" October 15, 1988 Martha Kent
     "Triple Play/The Circus" October 22, 1988 Martha Kent
     "The Hunter/Little Runaway" October 29, 1988 Martha Kent
     "Superman and Wonder Woman vs. The Sorceress
     of Time/The Birthday Party
November 5, 1988 Martha Kent
     "Bonechill/The Driver's License" November 12, 1988 Martha Kent
     "The Beast Beneath These Streets/First Date" November 19, 1988 Martha Kent
     "Wildsharkk/To Play or Not to Play" November 26, 1988 Martha Kent
     "Night of the Living Shadows/Graduation" December 3, 1988 Martha Kent
     "The Last Time I Saw Earth/It's Superman" December 10, 1988 Martha Kent
Batman 1992-1996
     "Time Out of Joint" October 8, 1994 Woman
Superman 1996-2000
     "The Last Son of Krypton, Part II" September 6, 1996 Ms. Stevenson
Annie's Mother
LexCorp Presenter
     "A Little Piece of Home" September 14, 1996 Tour Guide
Old Woman
     "Mxyzpixilated" September 20, 1997 Curator
     "Brave New Metropolis" September 27, 1997 Revolutionary
     "Obsession" November 14, 1998 Expensive Woman
     "In Brightest Day..." February 6, 1999 Pilot
Superman: The Last Son of Krypton September 6, 1996 Ms. Stevenson
Annie's Mother
LexCorp Presenter
The New Batman Adventures 1997-1999
     "Holiday Knights" September 13, 1997 Little Boy
     "Cold Comfort" October 12, 1997 Doctor Margaret Madsen
Ice Maiden #1
Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero March 17, 1998
Batman Beyond 1999-2001
     "Meltdown" February 13, 1999 Miss Winston
TV Host
     "Ascension" May 8, 1999 Miss Winston
Batman Beyond (Compiled movie) 1999 Miss Winston
The Zeta Project 2001-2002
     "Ro's Reunion" May 12, 2001 Macy's Mom
Teen Titans 2003-2006
     "Fear Itself" February 7, 2004 Horror Movie Actress
Batman: The Brave and the Bold 2008-2011
     "The Golden Age of Justice!" January 15, 2010 Maid
Southern Belle
Ms. Gatsby
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2 January 29 2013 Selina Kyle