Adeline Kane was an officer in the US Army and Team 7 and the wife of Slade Wilson.

Deathstroke: Legacy

Adeline was a US Army squadron leader and drill instructor for Team 7. She married one of these soldiers, Slade Wilson, after he had a near death experience. Shortly after that, she gave birth to Grant Wilson and Joseph Wilson. After growing to disdain Slade's blood-lust (which was later revealed to be the doing of Joseph's mind control), she stopped seeing Slade and became part in Joseph's plot to kill his father and control Rose (the only member of the family other than Slade not being controlled). Joseph, in his fury, accidentally killed his mother with wreckage from the fight in Lynch's lab.

DC Rebirth

The death of Darkseid caused a multiversal ripple, and ten years previously stolen from the timeline came back. Adeline's past was altered and her death was undone.