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Adventure Comics Vol 2 1


Adventure Comics Vol 2 1

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"The Boy of Steel, Part One": Superboy settles into life in Smallville, while keeping a list of everything Superman and Lex Luthor do.

Quote1 I can't believe I ever hated Smallville. Quote2
-- Superboy

Appearing in "The Boy of Steel, Part One"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

Other Characters:


Synopsis for "The Boy of Steel, Part One"

Superboy settles into life in Smallville, while keeping a list of everything Superman and Lex Luthor do.

Appearing in "Long Live the Legion, Part One"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Bird Boy (just a regular pigeon)


  • Bowling Alley Sign (Single appearance)

Other Characters:


Synopsis for "Long Live the Legion, Part One"

The delusional Starman explains the origin of the Legion of Super-Heroes to a pigeon he calls "Bird Boy." He explains that he's a secret member of the Legion Espionage Squad, and there are several others hidden in the past to help save the world. Starman crashes into a bowling alley sign and decides to go bowling, which he believes is a 21st Century sport similar to jousting. He increases the density of the ball to Inertron levels, then throws it through the wall and screams "Touchdown." Starman crashes through the roof, grabs his ball and flies away shouting "Long live bowling!" In the swamp he finds Tellus, who senses his mental illness. Starman produces their battle plan, which he describes as "R.J. Brande's Last Will and Testament" or "Operation: Spin the Bottle." Tellus attempts to heal his broken mind, briefly returning Starman to sanity. Tellus apologizes that this is only temporary, as he did not realize the mental illness was rapidly progressing. Starman remembers everything, including the future and the upcoming war, then shouts that they must beware the Black Witch. He asks Tellus to help him get his true love Dream Girl back, because he needs her to save the future before his mind is completely gone.



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