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Adventure Comics Vol 2 2


Adventure Comics Vol 2 2

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"The Boy of Steel, Part Two": A division of the Human Defense Corps is on the trail of Project 7734 escapees Brainiac and Lex Luthor. However, they are destroyed by the former's advanced spacecraft. Inside, the fugitives are dis

Quote1 Hi. Quote2
-- Wonder Girl

Appearing in "The Boy of Steel, Part Two"

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Synopsis for "The Boy of Steel, Part Two"

A division of the Human Defense Corps is on the trail of Project 7734 escapees Brainiac and Lex Luthor. However, they are destroyed by the former's advanced spacecraft. Inside, the fugitives are discussing their deal: Luthor will help Brainiac reclaim the Bottle City of Kandor and gain revenge on Superman, and in exchange Brainiac will leave Earth alone. Luthor agrees, but he is engrossed by the one thing he brought with him from Project 7734 - Project: Alien Farm, which he claims is "family".

In Smallville, Superboy is worried that, like Lex Luthor, he is going bald. However, he brushes this aside - only to get it back as soon as he answers the door and is met by Wonder Girl. Ma Kent is very happy to see Wonder Girl, but asks them to talk outside since dinner will be a while. The two young heroes go outside and talk.

As they talk about the period when Connor was dead, Krypto arrives, with their dinner in a picnic basket. Cassie starts talking about what Connor is currently doing. Trying to get back in the Teen Titans, attending Smallville High School, hanging out with Krypto and living at the Kent farm. He is trying to live his life as Superman did, and she does not want to be his teenage sweetheart.

Connor responds by pointing out that when he was alive before, he was subverted by Lex Luthor and attacked his teammates. He does not want to do that again. His speech, however, hits a raw nerve in Wonder Girl. While Superboy was dead, she kissed Robin. And she has regretted ever since. However, Superboy loves her too much to hold it against her, and the two kiss. As Krypto lifts the two of them into the sky during the kiss, Ma Kent looks on in approval.

Elsewhere, Lex Luthor manages to get the headlines for the Gotham Gazette, the Daily Planet, the Bayside News and for the period he was captured by Project 7734. From them, he learns that Batman is believed dead, Kid Devil is dead[1], the Justice League is on the verge of falling apart[2]... and Superboy has come back from the dead...

Appearing in "Long Live the Legion, Part Two: Lightning Lad"

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Synopsis for "Long Live the Legion, Part Two: Lightning Lad"

In the 31st century, Cosmic Boy and Saturn Girl are arguing about whether to tell Lightning Lad about something they have just heard. They decide they should tell him, just as he arrives in the room. Cosmic Boy brings up that the Legion got an official complaint from Earthgov after Lightning Lad shorted out the President's broadcast array. Lightning Lad defends his actions by pointing out that the President was merely going to enflame the Earth's xenophobic opinions. And anyway, he sent flowers with a note apologizing for his actions. Saturn Girl brushes this aside, saying that the Legion got another message - Lightning Lord of the Legion of Super-Villains is offering a trade: the location of the villains' safe-houses if Lightning Lad will talk with him.

On New Takron-Galtos, a problem occurs when the guards will not let him in. Lightning Lad is about to leave, but a brief altercation with an inmate named Storm Boy delays him long enough for his clearance to come through.

In his specialized cell, Lightning Lord gets to the point - he wants Lightning Lad's help, citing that they are brothers. Lightning Lad throws this back in his face, pointing out that they have been at odds since the day they gained their superpowers. Lightning Lord points out that, as the only person on Winath with no twin, he has always been alone. Lightning Lad is so angry at this paltry excuse that he is about to leave, but Lightning Lord makes his case - he thinks he has a twin, and their parents lied to him. He wants Lightning Lad to prove it, one way or the other.

On his way home, Lightning Lad refuses to believe his brother's story, but in the end, he sets course for Winath.


  • This book was first published on September 10, 2009.
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